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glass pipe is so harsh on the throat

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 979069, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. i do have this small glass pipe which i never use lol since i smoke joints mainly. but last night i put a 0.2 in the pipe and its just so harsh like i feel my throat getting super hot and painful.
  2. If you never use a bowl, it will be harsh for the first couple of times. Try to hold the smoke in your mouth a second or two before inhaling - this should cool it down
  3. You can also make an imperfect seal on the pipe to let some outside air in with the smoke to help cool it.
  4. Back to the joints it is then...?

    why make life difficult..?
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  5. That's a nice old school pipe hit for yah.
  6. You need to use the carb properly. Don't just hit it and use the carb at the last second. Start inhaling then slowly put the flame just over the weed and inhale so it pulls it to the weed just enough (use as little flame as you can) and as you are hitting it take your thumb off the carb whenever necessary to mix the smoke with air. This will make it much less harsh. And off course smaller hits help too.

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