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Glass piece question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BurnTheKush, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Sup GC. I broke my bong last Friday. Don't want to get another one, I decided on getting a small piece I can take to school and back, so I decided to get a Glass Spoon, it looks exactly like this, but it is yellow.

    How do I take this home and back, what can I put it in so it won't smell when I'm bringing it home when I have it in my pocket? Can I put it in several plastic bags? (I don't bring a backpack to school, just a binder and pencils) And I wear basketball shorts under my pants, which is where I put the piece.

    Thanks for the advice.
  2. umm are you saying your under the age of 18?

    I really cant think of a effective way to eliminate the smell that will fit into a pocket other than using a pill bottle large enough to hold it
  3. You can still go to school if your over 18 TJJ.... And the pipe may start to reek after awhile of use, but a plastic bag will fix that
  4. You could try not bringing it with you to school. You don't need it on you 24/7 and you certainly don't need it for school.
  5. I agree with lady grabage but if you do need to bring it to school just regularly clean it out with rubbing alcohol.
  6. true but I've seen so many asshole bring that up lately I thought I would be a asshole for once but also answer the question too
  7. The best bags I've ever seen are these SUPER thick, smell proof bags that are called "smelly proof", they can handle the smell of even the STINKIEST dank. I highly suggest getting one of those as pipes can stink up easily, also try to clean your pipe out with rubbing alcohol as often as possible.

    Happy Toking!
  8. Don't take shit to highschool. So many people get caught in some way or another.
  9. im not here to tell you not to do it at school but my friends just got caught about a month ago, the pricipal found no weed but they found a little shitty pipe, each of them 20 days suspension. just thought i tell you:p but to answer your question use a plastic bad and 3 bounce sheets and your golden man
  10. If you are 18 and get caught with that pipe you are fucked. Dont take shit to school

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