Glass piece in dorm. Questions.

Discussion in 'General' started by BroItUpDroItUp, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. If you have a perfectly clean bong/bubbler in your dorm, can it be confiscated? Im thinking no. Any personal experiences?
  2. just dont get caught with it???
  3. uhh yeah im assuming...You can say your bong is for tobacco, but noone is gonna fucking believe that... plus keeping it that clean would require not using it/iso bath every day lol

    and yeah just dont get caught
  4. If it's 100% clean without any resin what so ever they can't do shit
  5. Without marijuana residue its just a tobacco pipe. Perfectly legal.
  6. It depends all on the school dude. Id like to think they couldn't do shit cause it's clean, but whos going to believe that on a college campus?

    Id just keep that shit hidden and not take a chance. Hopefully it's something easy like a pipe:)
  7. It maybe be "legal" but the college still might not allow it.
  8. You got a Student Handbook bra, dust that shit off n look it up.

    10x outa 10 they are gonna break it tho.
  9. I'd bet your dick on your R.A. not giving a fuck whether there's resin in it or not. If it's found, it's as good as gone.
  10. Just hide it with your underwear if your ra finds it he'll have bigger issues than you
  11. when i was living in a dorm i got a nice glass on glass peice right before the year ended. i wanted to be hella careful with it so it didnt get taken before i got the chance to bring it home. i smoked out of it a handful of times but when i wasnt using it i would dry it really good, dissassemble it and place the tube in a suitcase, buried under clothes, shoved under my bed with a shit ton of stuff in front of it so it was hard to even get to let alone find.

    i kept the downstem and bowl in a seperate place. never good to keep all your eggs in one basket ;)
  12. keep the glass clean and you won't have any worries
  13. It really depends on the school. Colleges are private institutions and reserve the right to make their own rules. While out in the real world, you can't really get in trouble for a clean pipe, inside the grounds of a college, it may be another deal entirely.

    They do, after all, reserve the right to restrict tobacco products.
  14. No. Stop saying it is. It's on a college campus. They can say you can't even have a lighter if they want to.

  15. That's why you hide it they won't search your shit for no reason
  16. if your R.A is an asshole he can. but of course keep it hidden

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