Glass Pickup: 14.5mm Kennaroo Slide *No 56k*

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  1. Picked up this 14.5mm Kennaroo slide at Kulture's in Richmond over the weekend. Paid $120.
  2. thats a really cool Kennaroo man. i like the last pic is that some kryptonite?lol. i love their work and you chose one that is different so enjoy it man.+rep
  3. Thanks for the kind words man. That kryptonite is actually an opal, it's a really fine example and is probably the part that sold me on this slide.

  4. yea i figured as much, just looked like some space rock or somethin,lol. opals are always very interesting to look at. enjoy man
  5. Thats one of the sickest slides ive seen man, i like the opal as well, makes it that much more luxurious!
  6. Word is bond that glass is savage
  7. I love the design of it.

    The yin yang's are pretty awesome looking.
  8. Very nice man. I dig Roo's work.
  9. Thanks for all the comments guys. I love this slide!
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    Some more pics with milk.

  11. looks sick, any idea how the artist get makes the yin-yangs in there?
  12. nice slide! I go to VCU and visit Kultures about once every two weeks. I plan on picking up their Lux 14" beaker bottom with the 5 tree perc in the near future. The guys there are pretty chill but I feel as though everything is overpriced.

    anyways, were you able to haggle the price down on that slide or did you pay full? I think I remember seeing that slide in the glass case they have with the awesome looking heady bubs and slides.
  13. Yea they are overpriced but they by far have the best glass in the area, I buy a ton of shit in there though so they marked it down a little. Plus if you bring your College ID its an instant 10% off. And I almost bough that LUX beaker bottom but I got the pictured HVY instead.
  14. Wow, that is a chunk and a HALF of Opal. Nice scoop.
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    Thanks man, I was about to buy an El Hefe windowed slide but then I saw the opal on this thing. :eek:
  16. Bumpity for new pics.
  17. yo that slide is so tight. i love that opal. thats a nice touch.
  18. I have a windowed hefe slide with an opal:D

    Nice fuckin pick up man, that Roo is sexyyyyy
  19. Thanks man, I'm pretty sure I've seen your pics of that slide. El Hefe just kills everything he touches.

    Thanks, I appreciate the comments. :bongin:

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