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  1. alright so ive been down for a while, and when i say down i mena ive had barely enough money t get gas and feed myself and keep up my habit, i got in a hgue arguement with my boss at my old job because they were shorting me money i worked for, and never gave me the right amount. but besides that i just got a amazing job working for an electrical company thatpays very well and also gives me oppurtunity to make a career and get benefits, so this weekend i will be receiving a pretty hefty paycheck
    i want to buy myself something nice because this is a huge step in my life and im glad i finally got a job thats good for me and helsp me prepare for my future (im only 18)
    so i was either thinking i would get a vaporizer a new bong or a inline bubbler, i want to keep the purcahse below 200, i already have a toro 8 arm perc which is heaven and 2 other ok bongs, i have a bubbler to, and an inline a/c,

    so what do you guys think
    i know the toro straight tubes at my shop sart at 190 and i can prob get a roor cheaper,
    also my other shop has vapor brothers starting at 125
  2. I've never used a vaporizor so I can't say for sure, but there is nothing better than a fat bong hit man. So personally, Id go with a nice bong.

    500th post OO Love GC!
  3. get a vape, it's an investment in your cannabis related future. which is kind of nice, since you're investing in your own future and celebrating! they go hand in hand, a bit
  4. bump.........
  5. Personally, I love bongs so I'm a bit biased there. My favorite sound in the world is hearing a bong clear!

    BUT, since you have everything else, I say go vaporizer! If you can find a good one in your price range.

    Congrats on the new job!
  6. I don't know man, I'd probably say go with the vape. I love bongs as well as all the other ways of ingesting pot but if I had the oppurtunity to buy a vaporizer I'd get one in a heartbeat.

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