glass on rubber zong

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    i have a zong and the bowl and downstem are rubber on glass
    can i make it glass on glass is it possible?

    im thinking of taking it to venice beach to find out
  2. elaborate on the subject
    I'm kind of confused as to what you are talking about
  3. Yeah i am also a little confused.
  4. I think he's referring to where the bowl meets the downstem and actual tube.

    It's very possible. You can find adapter-like pieces for that, or hell, you may be able to get it 'edited.'
  5. My first bong was a pretty big grommet bong and when i finally bought a glass on glass tube with a diffy. I just took out the grommet slide out, put the rubber part that holds the old downstem in place and put it around my 14.5 diffy and put it in. It made a air tight seal and now its glass on glass.

    I'm not sure if you can do this will all grommet bongs but it might be worth checking out.
  6. what kalec said. i have a Sour zong that i used to do that to. put a glass on glass diffy where the normal slider down tube would go, pretty straight forward not rocket science lol. the g/g down stems are a little thicker tho, so it might take a little muscle to get it in, water on everything helps it slide in better. just becareful cuz it is a tight squeeze, at least on mine it was, and you can break your stem easy if your not careful. easiest way to do it is put the gromet in the bong first, helps if its wet, then take the g/g stem and get it wet too, and slowly slide it in the gromet, dont put the gromet on the stem first and try to shove it in the bong cuz its harder and could break more then just the stem if your piece isnt thick enough.

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