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glass on glass stem lock: help!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by rjjohn04, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. I have what i consider to be a semi-serious problem. I returned home to find my roommates using my expensive ADS water pipe. They broke the female stem piece at the bottom where the bubbles for the diffuser are. At first I was just like, I guess you guys are buying a new female piece, no big deal. Come to find out that the female stem is locked into the bong. I tried real hard to budge it, but im afraid I could break the piece if I pull any harder. I have had zero help on this topic of glass on glass lock. There has got to be some kind of cleaner or lubricant that can seperate the two pieces of glass easily. Any suggestions on how to get the female out safely would be sssooo appreciated.

    - VaTech stand up and put it in the air!
  2. try drying it off the water is wat causes it to stick usually
  3. try using some iso in there to clean it and that might loosen it up a little bit... otherwise you could try some type of glass cleaner... i bet windex would lubricate it enough to come apart?
  4. i say get some carrots, and take one, jamming it into the downstem. the broken piece should be stuck in the carrot, giving you something to actually hold on to. it works for broken lightbulbs.

    if that dont work, get a glass drillbit and try to break the fucker
  5. its happened to me numerous times....i didnt know what to do either. most of the times it had happened to me i was baked...so ill try my best to mention something logical for your problem. I think its from some liquid that got stuck in between the two pieces at the join causing a type of seal/vacuum. i just pulled and twisted.....it wasnt the smartest thing cuz i kept thinking it would break but the twist and tug works. since ur down-stem diffuser is destroyed try it. also try to put it under hot water then cold..... expanding and contracting it...and the whole time ur taking it from hot to cold apply pulling pressure on it. do this if ur glass piece is pyrex or can handle this heat exchange or else ull find yourself with a larger problem
    or u can just leave it in and not really care... with time(dryingi it out) will prob take care of itself

    hope it helps cuz i know it sucks....
  6. that's a terrible idea.

    how would you possiblyfit a carrot in a bong stem? are you retarded? hahaa

  7. i thought it was potatoes that they used...never heard of carrots
  8. every time i've ever had this happen, all i had to do is rotate the piece of glass and then it breaks free. No added lubricants were needed.
  9. damn man that sucks i have an ADS b also and it happens occasionally someone probably jammed it in there pretty hard. since the thing is already broken all you need to worry about is the joint but yeah when it is dry i have no problem so maybe a hair dryer or something also i thought maybe wd 40 could help but im not sure you would want that shit on your bong. good luck to you also twist when pulling i usually do a back and forth motion when i twist.
  10. hey man i have friends come to me all the time with this problem. all you have to do, is take a kay clip (one of the clips that hold your downstem in your tube) turn it around and pop it onto the end that is sticking out of the female piece and if you did it right there should be a little plastic thing you can now grip and pull.
  11. This happened to me yesterday, all you should need is some tweezers
  12. haha what?

    I bet a strap wrench would do it, for future predicaments.
  13. That might work. But i see it holding the bowl on and not letting is slide off.
  14. Not on purpose i deleted my post not knowing what i was doing. Here it is again.
    Wow. I thought it would be a good idea to read your post AFTER i posted. To get the stem out safely you either should cut it (i have no idea what you details are and that might be impossible) or some how lift and aim the stem so it slides back out of the stem hole. your final option is to tell your friends to fix it or buy a new one. I have heard of water pipes surviving and dying with your problem. Good luck.
    Below is how to make sure that doesnt happen again.

    I once owned an item that would easily solve your problem.

    A local store had little stem locks for sale. I bought 2 of them for my 19mm glass on glass water pipes.

    I havent read everything on this post but from what i understand you are having the problem of pulling out the stem with the bowl when you go to clear the chambers. Well that was my problem and i wanted to stop it from ruining my really expensive glass.

    I bought 2 of the locks and they worked like a charm. Even on reverse stems (take the bowl+stem connection and reverse it, so that the bowl glass goes over the stem, it is supposed to decrease the risk of the stem damaging the water pipe when it falls back in). I have since lost both and have started searching the internet since the local head shop no longer carries the item in 19mm and 14mm.

    I will explain its shape and function. there are 2 half circles (more like cresent moon shapes) connect by a U like shape. One half circle is larger and fits over the actually water pipe glass where the stem goes in. The smaller half circle goes around the stem itself and rests between the bowl and the stem rim on the water pipe. It might push the bowl up a little but I found this to be no big deal what so ever. The circles are somewhere flexable in design so that they can snap around the glass and made of hard colored plastic. The connection seems violent and loud but it doesnt harm any part of the glass. Like i said it works PERFECTLY to solve your problem. The only problem is finding this item. I would call it a stem lock but i still can not find anything under that listing.

    If anyone finds something like this for sale please let me know on this thread. I would very much like to get about 20 of these.

    I apologise for not saving the thread entirly but i hope that this post somehow will help find the answer we are looking for.

    P.S. The carrot/potato thing is probably the single dumbest thing i have heard and is in no way a lasting solution. What happens when the world runs out of carrots and potatoes?

  15. High is the appropriate word :D
  16. they're called keck clips

  17. make sure all of the liquid dries out and there is NO condensation anywhere on your piece. Ten place said piece in the freezer for a long period of time. glass expands when it is heated, therefor it shrinks in a miniscule manner when it is cooled. This should give you just enough clearance that it will just slide right out... Just dont severely heat it after you take it out of the freezer, extreme temperature change will cause the glas to fracture.

    Good luck...
  18. I just let it sit over night sometimes it does the trick.
    Otherwise just heat it up with a lighter and the resin/water should melt/evaporate and give you better slippage.

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