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glass on glass downstem on a hvy bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eyecon, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. hey whats going on, my downstem broke on my hvy glass bong, just from wear and tear and i was wondering if anyone here has tried to put a glass on glass downstem/bowl in a regular bong(not roor, phx or other glass on glass bongs) i hit my friends roor and i liked the glass on glass, but not enough to go out and buy a whole new bong, if i can just get a downstem for mine right now. cool

  2. please explain a "downstem"?
  3. the female piece on a bong, where the bowl goes into.
  4. Yes I have done this, I took my buddies old roor downstem, put a rubber grommet on it, stuck it into a standard JBD bong. You might need several layers of grommet depending on how big the hole for your downstem on your bong is. You want it to be snug just like a regular downstem. You will not be able to have glass on glass at this point, but it doesn't matter, you don't remove the downstem anyway normally and it will be sealed airtight. You now have a roor downstem in a non-roor rubber-grommet downstem bong. Now, just put your favorite roor bowl in and you'r ready to smoke. Word.

    P.S. This makes any bong 10,000 times better.

  5. glass on glass is the shit i just got a new downstem for my zong yesterday and it fits perfectly. hits so much better:smoke:
  6. did roor use to make rubber grommit bongs because i have a roor but it wasnt a glass on glass it had a rubber grommet and downstem. and where would i get another one of the downstems for it?

  7. Maybe it was a knock-off.

  8. i have a glass on glass downstem and bowl on my non glass on glass bong. it definitely works as long as u have rubber grommets and electrical tape to get a tight seal. it definitely rips though so give it a go, i was thinking of getting a diffuser for mine just to try it out.
  9. Just spend the money on a cheaper glass on glass bong like pure, illadelph, ads, and some smoke shops carry glass on glass bongs that aren't any particular brand and they are usually really cheap. Don't ghetto rig your bong just buy one trust me. Plus they look better as well.

  10. Cheaper GonG such as pure, illadelph, and ads?? In my experiences those are all $200+ bongs.

  11. can u send me a pic of it .. i really like the hvy glass and i wanted to see a variety of them becuase im thinking aobut getting one .. right now i have a cherry shape hurricane
  12. i just got a glass on glass bong (very thick construction) for 54 bones. hits smooth, but when you exhale, be prepared to choke.

    just broke the glass bowl though, so im using aluminum foil. gotta get a new one in the next couple days.
  13. 40 of your fav liquor bottle, free
    glass drill bit , 5$~
    diffused downstem ,20$
    glass bowl ,10$

    sickest hitting homemade 35$ ish..when i drill it theres no need for a grommit

  14. yeah i hooked up a gong to my plastic bottle travel bong...hits like a fucking champ...
  15. On the topic of glass, I'm trying to make a sort of bong out of this container I have. How can I drill holes in it without destroying it. Should I take it to the hardware store and see if they'll do it?
  16. Regarding it being fake: the very first us roors weren't completely gong, its not a knockoff. You could get a new dstem for it at any decent headshop.

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