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Glass on glass bowl

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BLunTFuLLOfBuD, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. So i picked up a new glass on glass 2ft bong yesterday and right after I use it i drop the slide and it breaks. Anyone know any good websites to get a cheap glass on glass bowl? and how do i figure out if it will fit my bong? thanks
  2. its either 14mm or 18mm and id just go back to the headshop you should be able to get a basic bowl for under 15 bucks
  3. Just go back to your headshop and pick up a cheap one (pic below).

    Or you can PM me and ill show you a nice place to buy heady Glass on Glass bowls.
  4. the headshop i went to is in nyc and im in boston. is there a way i can tell if its 14mm or 18mm? im so pissed that i broke this the first day.
  5. well i used my great stoner mind to think of a way to re attach the bowl together with out using something that would release toxic chemicals. I took a clear rolling paper and licked the fuck out of and wrapped it around then melted it. It works fine now. so anyone who needs to fix something. clear rolling papers
  6. i guess no one liked my solution but the bowl works as good as new now so im happy lol.

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