Glass oir Acrylic

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  1. Just looking at some bongs on Grasscity's site. Wondering is glass or acrylic better and why?
  2. Why is glass better? What are the advantages or disadvantages of glass versus acrylic?
  3. i got homemade plastic bongs/acrylic.

    i picked up a glass bong.

    GLASS all the way.

    you can just feel the smoothness nd the difference.
  4. Acrylic bongs are difficult to clean, and are made to be thrown away after they get dirty, which can be pretty quickly with heavy use. Cleaners will eat away at the tube...
    Besides that they are all very basic in design, rarely do they have any type of diffuser, just a single hole. You also can't attach an ash catcher to them (unless you find one specially made for grommet bongs, which may fit, but they almost always suck).
    With a glass on glass tube (no grommet, glass on glass connections) you can upgrade the downstem, add ashcatchers, better bowls, it will have better airflow, and you can clean it.
    The con's to breaks. Cheaper glass is generally even more fragile, so try to be careful and find a tube made of decent quality glass if you decide to go with glass.
    Grommet style glass bongs are pretty much just like acrylic bongs, but they can be cleaned.
  5. Really? You can just feel the smoothness and the difference? Must be a "when you're high" thing :p LOL! I think you just sold me on glass! Off to look at them now.
  6. Wow, thanks Mada...lots of info! I am off to look!

  7. LOL.

    nd thats how i became a business man.
  8. Glass all the way. As others have mentioned. cleaner smoother hits, easier to clean.

    the only advantage acrylic bongs have is that they don't break (easily). you can toss an acrylic bong into a bag, throw it in your trunk, not have to worry about it. You can have it around a fire and when of your dumb ass friends drops it you dont have to worry about it shatering.
  9. True, and I'm so clumsy, I'd probably break the glass one, but I'm going to try one..nothing real expensive just yet :)
  10. yea, that one is small and nice and cheap. It's a nice piece.
  11. pretty nice lookin peace for the price.

    enjoy your purchase.
  12. Thanks, it's got some really great reviews....heck you can't go wrong for the price :) I like the fact that it comes in a box. Maybe I can keep from breaking it! LOL!

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