Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Wood, Metal/wood or Meerschaum Which is better?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Freightshaker, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. I am trying to decide which it better, Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Wood, metal/wood or Meerschaum pipes. Which is better. Not bongs They win every time lol

    Help me decide. please
  2. Glass and stone are my favorites. Smooth and tastes nice.
  3. yeah im also trying to figure out with what pipes to get but im sure its beween wood, glass or stone , WILL NOT go for metal .. heard way to many bad things bout them ,

    would some1 suggest me a wooden pipe , if some1 has one can they review it for me

  4. Glass and stone are the best by far, then after that is metal
  5. I'm also researching an easy to use pipe to get as well as a chillum. I think stone would be better for the use I have in mind (when on hikes probably). Is there any preference of different stone types? Like a soapstone vs regular stone?

    Also, does stone cool smoke at all effectively compared to glass, ceramic, clay etc? I am also averse to using metal despite the various designs where the metal effectively cools the smoke.


    shitzz, have you checked the reviews for the wooden pipes on GC's headshop site? There's some really nice reviews which people have contributed. Some are short and just say it's good however some are more detailed.
  6. 1)glass
  7. glass then wood then stone, wood is good cuz it dont stink like glass when it gets lots of rez stone can come in cool carved bowls (my freind has a ill bowl shaped like a fist)
  8. I wouldn't use meerschaum or wood for pot really, those are ment for is best for pot.

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