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glass heady art

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ECC, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. howv rude someone pulled my pic off here,moderators I dont know if Im not able to display my work here for some reson.I know that there is no advertising hear and there wasnt so I dont understand Im sure I am able to display art here as well as everyone else(I hope) if there is a problem please let me know.Anyway here I go anouther attempt to try to show my work.. Thank you E.C. peace,love and unity

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  2. that's a beautiful piece.
  3. You have a real talent that piece is beautiful, I would smoke out of it anyday. I don't know if thats for your own personal collection or for sale but you might be able to really make bank on a unique one of a kind like that.
  4. nice man, i love that color would be great if it changed too while smokin
  5. yeah nice were can i get some shit like that
  6. oh man beautiful piece send me a private message i have a question for you.

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