Glass Gravity Bong

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  1. Ok well Im new to GC so Im not sure if this is the right place for this thread

    but anyways.. Since I live with my parents I have to keep my reefer hobby

    on the down low. Basically that means that I cant just buy my own bong and

    smoke out of it whenevs. I dont really have a place to hide the type of

    glass bong that I want. So as an alternative I just make my own bongs out

    of plastic bottle and a wrench socket. Its a great way to smoke because it

    gets you extremely high. The only downfall is obviously smoking out of a

    plastic bottle cant be good for you. The plastic quickly absorbs the

    taste/smell of the smoke and ash and after a few hits it tastes like shit.

    After a little inspiration :smoke:... I figured I could probably make an aqua

    bong out of a glass bottle. I was thinking like a wine or vodka bottle with a

    hole drilled in the bottom. Has anyone ever tried this before?
  2. They make proper grav bongs out of glass for around 50-70$ if u want to buy one but if ur going for the inconspicuous look then give it a go with proper tools and precautions u could be successful
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    Yeah I have a drill, Im not sure what kind of bit I would need to use though. Do they sell BBs on grasscity?
  4. You'll need a drill bit that can handle glass. Any hardware store will have them
  5. Just get a proper nice sized bubbler and smoke snaps or '1 hitters' out of it.
    Rinse it with extremely hot water + salt, or 91% ISO alcohol + salt 1x a week and just empty the water and put the bubbler in a plastic bag after each use, so as not to stink up the area you keep it.
    I rinse mine every few days, sometimes a few times a day, but 1x a week should suffice, I just enjoy keeping my pieces immaculate:D
  6. Yes make make sure you buy the right bit! and look up how to cut holes into the glass without it shattering.
  7. What everyone else said. Don't try it with a regular drill bit... You'll just end up shattering the glass.
  8. Where can I get a glass gravity bong??
  9. Where do they make these glass gravity bongs at and where can I buy one?
  10. This thread is from 2012 ^

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