Glass Globe With Atmos Dabs?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by slash32487, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. i have an atmos OPTIMUS-510 can i use dabs with it or do i need this
    and would that even fit on my atmos?
    i basically cant get my hands on oil so im looking at other alternatives for my vape

  2. or should i just get a cloud pen?
  3. why cant anyone help me?
  4. Ew no cloud pen.  Get the raw or something.  I don't have that atmos so IDK. Sorry
  5. I have an atmos raw but haven't tried shatter, wax, etc. in it yet.  I did check out the cloud today though actually.  Looks like it will work good, but doesn't take straight herb like the atmos raw does.  FYI the atmos really doesn't vape though.  It more burns the weed.  Even with the added screen if you look at it under microscope the weed is pretty burnt.  I do love my atmos though.  Nice discrete one hitter.  However I got mine for only $50.  I wouldn't pay for it if it was over $100.
  6. Na dude, please don't get the cloud.  You'll regret it just like I do.  I bought mine for 65$ thinking "holy shit this thing is epic" and then 3 weeks and 4 atomizers later I gave that POS to my friend.  
    I've never used my RX (Raw) for weed, not even once.  The person at my dispensary told me if I wanted to use flowers and wax to buy 2 chambers because the waxy resin will make the burn weed collect at the bottom ruining it.  If you want a pen for vaping wax (not burning, it vapes I would rip this bitch in class) buy another chamber (40$) and use your RAW so much better than a shitty cloud.  I literally loved that thing until the atomizer broke, then it broke again, and again, and again.  In the end I spent 145$ total on the cloud with all of the broken atomizers.  I spent 140$ on my RAW 4 months ago and have had no problems.  Seriously the Raw is epic for wax, I've never used shatter, but fullmelts are crazy.  A very, very small dab can give me up to 7 fat rips depending on its size.  Also the fact that it fits in the downstem of a bong is a game breaker.  
    Seriously, the cloud and the RAW do the same thing.  The only difference is that the RAW is better made, has ceramic filters to keep the wax from going into your mouth, has a large bowl so nothing will stick to side/mouthpiece, and is just sexy.  The deciding factor of my hate for the cloud was when I smiled at my girl after a smoke down and she started laughing.  I walked to the mirror and my front two teeth were coated with brown wax that dripped into the filterless mouth piece and into my mouth.  NASTY SHIT. You already got a RAW man, go spend 40$ on a new chamber and only use it for wax.  So much more worth it than the cloud.  Fuck my friend who I gave the cloud to for free doesn't even use it anymore and bought a RAW and a REM pen.  I'm pretty sure he'd be willing to give it to you haha, he hates it too.  
    Don't get me wrong, for the one time price of 65$ it's unbeatable, but for 20$ every atomizer that breaks constantly it's a rip off.  If you so much as ever-so-slightly push a dab onto the coil (which is the only way to keep the wax from melting around the bowl so you can't hit it) it could break.  You're gunna do what you're gunna do, but if there is anything I can say to talk you out of the cloud, I'll do it.  I loved mine for a week then hated it for a year.  Seriously man it's not worth it in any way, shape or form. 
    Have you heard of the REM pen on the other hand?  It uses refillable cartridges that have either 250, 500, or 750 mg of THC in it.  The pen has a one time cost of 30$ and there is no need to worry about breaking a heating chamber.  It's an e-cig specifically made to be used with prefilled THC cartridges that are available in most dispensaries in CO (not sure bout other states).  It tastes like a green bowl every drag and there is no need to constantly put in more dabs.  
  7. <sup>Good review Mile High.  I actually have a cloud too, and love it.  I think it works great.  Interesting though that the only part not warrantied is the atomizer.   I do like your idea on the 2 chambers for the atmos.  makes sense to use 2 separate chambers for herb, or concentrates.  now I wish I would have just thought of that in the first place, but when I got my cloud I couldn't find anybody who had smoked anything in their atmos, but full melt.  I didn't want to gum it up with shatter.</sup>
  8. The "G" pen is basically the exact same thing, but you get 2 for $50.  The atomizer for the "g" pen is identical to that of the cloud, even interchangeable.  New atomizer is only $15.
  9. My good friend gave me a bad review about the gpen.  He said "get the cloud the gpen sucks" and I hated the cloud.  I also found the green atmos RX for 110$ it comes with 2 chambers.  
  10. What can you get your hands on?  Wax?
  11. My Atmos Raw works well with the glass shield.  It didnt burn any herb and it vaporized pretty well.  Yes the herb closes to the heating element had a few brown edges but it didnt combust.
  12. Both clouds, Cloud Vapes and Cloud 2.0 are both good.
    As far as for concentrates, go with a glass globe.

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