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Glass Chillum and How do I use it?

Discussion in 'Dry Pieces, Glass Spoon Pipes and Sherlocks' started by folied, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. How do I use this thing properly? I can't figure it out.. do i justput it in my mouth or use hand shit.. idk

    paid 15 bucks for it what do you guys think?

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  2. just pack the bowl, put it in your mouth and light and inhale

    i usually hold it with my left hand and light it with my right just because i dont trust my mouth to hold something like that on its own and also it needs to be tilted up a bit to prevent the herb from falling out.

    great piece by the way man
  3. Thats a beautiful piece u got..
  4. chillums are my favorite dry pieces, forget the hand method for now, but you can practice it now and then but its not necessary
  5. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdLZHAdqHDk"]YouTube - hitting the chillum and the "unbreakable bowl"[/ame]

    I love chillums. Especially how you hold them. It is a real communal dry piece.
  6. The Hnad method is quite nice. I have mastered it, and enjoy smoking chillums that way very much.

    Gorgeous chillum by the way man.

    Right on.
  7. chillums are the way to go. i have had a couple and i love them. plus they are easy to put in your pocket, smoke in a car, or even in a park cuz they can, not that yours does, look like a cig..

    your piece is pretty nice i must say. and for $15?! even better..
  8. The hand method is definitely the best when smoking a chillum. It cools down the smoke, and if you do it properly you can get a monster rip. It's how chillums are meant to be smoked anyway.
  9. Hell yeah man.
  10. You must use your hand.

    Well, you don't have to, but I think it's proper.
  11. I dont understand what you guys are saying "the hand method"

    Can anyone explain?

    btw- nice piece you got there! good price :)
  12. yep only 15 dollars. got it from a website where you can buy stuff and ocmmunicate with glass blowers themselves. Dont think I can say it here so PM me if u need it.
  13. thats a sweet chillum! I dont really like using them but theyre cool anyway. I like glass blunts better
  14. personally i would tilt my head back slightly to prevent embers falling on you, oh and you do have a chillum filter/screen in right?
  15. heres a PIC


    Personally i think the use of chillums by people other than sadhus is Sacrilege. The Chillum is sacred tool for their relgion, and for us, using it is like using a Ciborium to drink your beer from at the pub, or using an Aarti tray to serve crackers on.

    Anyway, if you must use one, dont get the end wet, your not ment to actually touch the chillum with your lips, you should also be making lots of short puffs, like a cigar, to get the end nice and hot, its traditionally filled with low THC pot, thats ground into a powder in your hand using a thumb.
  16. yea thats a real nice peice you got there man... i just got one that changes colors nd its the same size az urs... i got it for 15$$$ its nice but like im scared 2 use it cuz mii bud might fall out.. i like it tho.. wat do u guys think? thanks :smoke:
  17. That's a good idea. I'm gonna use it for fruit. :hello:
  18. dude, the bud wont fall out, i cant belive that you even own a piece that you havent smoked from yet. it just doesnt make sense.

  19. hahaha no ive smoked from it, and it hits fukin great >=] but i wuz just wonderin.. thanks tho:hello:

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