Glass bowls with screens?

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  1. I just got a bong with a glass bowl- first glass bowl I've had, I'm fairly new to smoking- And it doesn't have a screen... I know a lot of bowls aren't made for using screens, but I really prefer using screens, because then nothing falls through. So, do some glass bowls use screens? is there a good way for me to keep herb from falling through with the new bowl? (I tried putting big pieces at the bottom, they fall through after a few puffs)

    Thanks :smoking:
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    If you like screens go ahead and use them.

    Check you're headshop for these small glass things, i call them screens, not sure of the actual name. They're like little pointy glass balls with edges that are made to fit perfectly in the bowls hole and prevent any nugget from falling through.

    Here we are..
  3. Buy screens, cut (very important, don't just try to jam it in like an idiot) and put it in. Your good to go! I use screens all the time, any bowl can use a screen but pushes aren't the best for screens, but they work just fine.

  4. I have used metal screens in glass hand pipes for years and never had any issues. if its too big use a sharp pair of scissors to cut it down. I personally prefer the glass lilly screens. they look like tiny glass flowers and can be found at your local head shop for a few bucks. the ones that look like jacks suck balls...i hate em. hope this helped
  5. Seasmines are for carbon filters inside downstems.. 2nd Glass screens go to your LHS ask to look at their glass screens Grab a few u think would fit size worth. Oh and aim for the "daisy" ull know what i mean u see them. Otherwise Jack style screens work nicely to but Daisy's are best airflow.
  6. Thanks guys :) That helps a lot!

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