Glass bowl leaking dark brown liquid

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justaquestion83, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. I have 2 different glass pipes that I smoke out of. Both pretty decent bought from a local shop. I keep my supplies out in the garage in a locked case as I don’t want anything in my house. Where I live it does get very cold in the winter and pretty warm in the summer. I’ve been smoking for a little over a year and hadn’t smoked for many years after high school so just getting back into it. Both of my pipes leak what I believe to be resin or possibly spit out of the carbs. I clean both thoroughly with alcohol and salt until they are spotless (I can see thought one completely) so I know they’re clean. After I smoke a couple of bowls in either pipe they will start to leak out of the carb a brown liquid that reaks. It looks like liquid melted resin and possibly spit.

    Little background. I mainly smoke pretty good stuff and collect kief in a grinder and often sprinkle it on my bowl. The glass bowls I have are fairly small so I don’t use a screen. After I smile I typically blow into the mouthpiece while covering the carb to clear any ashes. I’m not sure what is causing the leak but I only smoke about 3 bowls or so before they will start to leak again. And I mean they will leak uncontrollably in the middle of the session out of the carb. Never had any come out of the mouth piece. I believe it is a combination of not using a screen, perhaps extreme temperature changes since I leave it in the garage and also spit perhaps from when I blow into it.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. It’s really gross and smells really bad and gets everywhere. One last thing if I tap the carb end on a paper towel the liquid will pour out and seems like it will never stop. This is even after freshly cleaned with only a few bowls smokes. Thanks for any advice.
  2. Sounds like you are maybe not drying out the inside of the glass? Or you are pulling too hard and getting too much debris inside. Try grinding it less. I also suggest getting some glass Daisy filters. Sounds like all your kief is pulling into the glass and melting in there. The glass Daisy is super cheap and no metal taste. It's just a little glass piece that drops into your bowl hole.

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  3. Spit? Maybe you just sloppily blow into the pipe when you clear it? Like full on slobbering?


    I've never experienced this issue.
  4. Could be spit. It's not like a random liquid made it's home in your glass haha. Does it smell like weed?

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