Glass Bowl and Grinder on flight?

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  1. Bought some nice-ass glass for my best friend and a new grinder for myself in Spain and getting on a plane flight tomorrow from Madrid to Washington DC. The bowl and grinder have never been used and have no resin or anything. Is it legal for me to bring the things back as a gift and will they give me a hassle about it? I'm 18 years old and don't wanna get caught up in anything. Thanks in advance and happy toking :smoke:.
  2. us is not very friendly about those things
  3. I brought multiple pipes as gifts when i was in mexico with no problems, though coming from Europe it might be different :confused_2:
  4. u will be fine just don't smuggle any meat into the u.s.
  5. I also have 12 pounds of tomato sauce from Spain it's fucking delicious...if they confiscate that shit I will be more upset than if they take the glass. There's nothing better than an enormous bowl of pasta when I get the munchies. Anyways I guess I'll take my chances. Thanks guys.
  6. they will confiscate the sauce if u bring it in your carry on bag
  7. the combination of sauce and pariphinalia may be a problem... I would seriously recommend you declare the sauce - this will get you out of paying a fine if they confiscate it but will also mean that they may decide to open up your bag and have a look - and could bring their attention to the stuff. Id abandon the sauce, find a recipe online and try making it when you get home :) The grinder and bowl will likely go through unnoticed, if they do go through your bags and theyve never been used i doubt itll cause you more than an awkward conversation.
  8. Good question OP, my GF was in Holland and Spain and she is bringing me back like 3 pieces.
  9. i would recommend just mailing that kind of stuff back. it might sound stupid but its worth that little bit of cash.

    those baggage claims people are super rough on your luggage.
  10. You can bring most things that haven't been used. Grinders fine. Idk about glass

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