Glass bong on a budget?

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  1. neither if you want to get something cheap go to a headshop so you can actually see what you are paying for. because for that low of a price its going to be Janky.

    i would just save up and get something better.
  2. How skilled are you with tools? If you obtain a glass drill bit and the pieces required, you can turn any glass bottle into a bong. It's nice because it always is a good conversation starter, and I will never have to go buy another bong again.
  3. I've made some airtight bongs out of Gatorade and Snapple bottles, but I don't have a glass drill bit.

    I know how to make glass bongs though, but I'm just too lazy to get the materials.
  4. yeah that blaze glass piece or the ehle above me would both hit plenty smooth
  5. that blaze will hit like shit compared to that ehle... the tree looks horrid and draggy as hell. you simply cannot compare the 2. if i were to buy another piece and had a $100 budget id go with the EHLE.. they have 100ml tubes as well that are a bit cheaper in price, but you're going to get the same quality. go with the Ehle, you'll thank me later.
  6. It's hard to go wrong with an EHLE 250ml, I recommend the same tube for anyone looking for something in that price range. Pick up a glass screen though, their stock bowls have a huge hole
  7. Well, I like the EHLE, I've heard a lot about them. But I just thought the ashcatcher plus tree perc made a smooth hit, and I liked the beaker bottom.

    I like the EHLE, but I'm not into the straight tube. I'll just keep looking at the EHLE's.

    If you guys can still suggest some bongs, that'd be great. I'm not looking to spend more than $70-$80 by the way.
  8. If your on that kinda budget id get a pipe thats of decent quality instead
  9. Dammit, now I'm stuck between the EHLE or this one.
  10. Percs are nice, but on a $50 bong they could be a liability more than a smoother hit. Straight tubes might not be your thing, but the way they clear compared to a beaker is preferable to some. They require less water and aren't thinned out at the base like a beaker bottom.
    I can see why you want a bong that your happy with aesthetically, and that was actually one of the reasons I was steering away from the EHLE before I bought one (preferred the beaker look), but seriously the quality for the price you pay is hard to beat on your budget.

    EDIT: Look into the HVY Mini Beaker
  11. Are EHLE's really that good? I'm actually looking into this one now:
    EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) - 250ml - Online Shop
  12. For a bong under $100 I'd say the EHLE 250ml or the HVY Mini Beaker are the two standouts. I have that exact bong you linked, and like I said I was holding out for a beaker bottom before I decided on the EHLE. I wouldn't stand so strongly behind it if I didn't think it was a quality piece man, it's a no nonsense gong bong for a fair price.
  13. lol i would not recommend a product that i dont stand by.. ehle makes a damn good piece for the price! there is no comparison in the price range really. set a price you want to spend + $20 for shipping. lets say you're gonna drop a bill. get the ehle 250ml. g-spot diffuser and molino teardrop a/c total with shipping $108.31. which is going to be a hell of a setup if i say so myself, not top shelf by any means but nothing to scoff at either.
  14. I vote you make your own. There are many articles on how to do it and it really cuts down on cost. Carbide drill bits aren't very expensive and are good enough. Just buy a stem from your local shop and stop by Goodwill for a vase. However, I have yet to see an article on here that reccomends running the vase under water during the drilling. Second piece of advice is to not permanently attach the stem. That is a great way to break it, and subsequently the bong. I recommend using cork around the stem because it is natural, airtight and removable. Good luck!
  15. if your looking to get a bong in the $70-$100 price range i would say that EHLE is the best brand that meets that price range. I own a 18in EHLE straight tube that hits like a beast. I dont know how big of a bong you are looking for but i would get one a little taller than 10in personally. Some of the EHLE's near $100 are really thick quality glass that can easily be compared to the quality of brands like RooR and SYN etc
  16. if you have your heart set on a beaker bottom EHLE has a few with 3.2mm glass
    EHLE Glass Bong 3.2mm - Straight Ball Clear - Online Shop
    Personally I would go with a taller bong with thicker glass but everyones different and idk what your situation is like

    EHLE also offers some custom bongs around $100 that are pretty cool looking. They are also taller (14.6in) but I dont think they make custom beakers
    EHLE Glass Custom Bong 500ml û Special Sandblasted Logo (Angled) - Online Shop

    Personally I would pay more for a thicker tube and would suggest getting a bong of 5mm+ thickness

    Hopefully ur as baked as I am and dont mind reading that paragraph LOL

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