Glass Bong "Blue Dragon"

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  1. I've never bought or owned a bong before, but I love smoking from my friends glass. I've been looking for a bong and this is what I'm most likely going to order. If anyone owns it please just give a short summary of how everything works for you. (I already read all the customer reviews).

    BONG - Glass Bong "Blue Dragon" - Dutch -
  2. dude its a just a decent glass bong. don't really need people to tell you how good it is lol. just go with your instincts and have fun.
  3. looks like a POS to me. It has a carb which I hate on bongs, and a rubber base which may get annoying. Could also save the piece too, but it's only 20 bucks.
  4. Can't go wrong for that price my friend, just be careful for as you can see the glass is thin. Otherwise it will still rip and be a worthy investment
  5. I had a Black Leaf Papa Joy Bong not too long ago. It was a nice piece but the carb hole did get in the way...water would spill out, smoke would spill out ect..

    The rubber base was never a problem and was actually pretty nice b/c you could take it off and clean the bong really well.

    The problem in had was the thicknes of the glass. It is not very thick and rather fragile. The first crack was near the slide, when I was removing the stem one day. The next one ended this bongs career. I was holding it in my lap whilst sitting on a chair and dropped it on hardwood floor. It cracked right in half.

    B/c of the really shitty glass construction, I would say stay away.
  6. I'd spend $20 on it. That's the price of a stick pretty much. To say this is a rippoff or not worth getting is stupid.

    If you got it out of the mail, put water in it, hit it like 10 times and went to bed, it will have been paid for. Even for a homemade you need to spend up to 25% of the price of this bong for a drink bottle!
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