glass bong + 5 grams or half ounce?

Discussion in 'General' started by weed_smoke, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. getting $150 to blow and can't decide how to spend it. what do u guys think? the weed would be dank in both cases by the way

  2. You can't get high off glass...

  3. get higher for less so in the long run u kinda do

  4. what would you be smoking outta if you don't buy the bong
  5. i have a pipe but its time consuming and wastes more weed than a bong
  6. in the long run, you'd be happier getting the bong.
  7. idk dude, cant really answer this question without knowing what you would be smoking out of if you didnt buy the bong.
  8. how nice is the bong?
  9. Bong + 5 Grams
    you get more out of it.
  10. whats your situation. Do you live at home with parents? could you be able to maintain a glass bong?

  11. This isn't exactly true, Norml has done plenty of tests that show that bongs filter out more psychoactive thc than it does anything else. So the stipulation that bongs actually get you higher isn't true.
  12. Id purchase the bong, a stoner need at least one good glass bong..

    Im only 18 and have already been through 2... On my third now.

    Are you the only one who is going to be smoking from it? Breakages are more common when multiple people use it..

    Do you have a place to stash it? Are you going to be able to clean it?

    In the long run, the bong is a good choice, but depends on how often you smoke.. If your getting high more then a couple times a week, id buy the bong..

    Upkeep, hiding spot, size, type, thickness all need to be considered..
  13. well whati would do, is buy like 10 grams and get a either a.) cheaper bong or b.) chillium or spoon or a steamroller (ftw)
  14. lol the thing is lol, you can take bigger hits off a bong henceforth more higher so its kind of a win lose situation

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