glass blunt!

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  1. hey guys! this is my first thread. i just picked up a new glass blunt. ive only seen a few of these posted on this forum, so i thought i'd share this with you guys :smoking:



    sorry for the crappy pics. im working on buying a good camera. i used my webcam for this haha.

  2. Hell yeah dude, I've always wanted to try those!
  3. Those are pretty cool, my friend owned one till he broke it. I would never buy one though, it's just a pipe that can hold a lot of weed.
  4. yeah thats true. they were on sale at my local headshop. only 10 bucks.....i couldn't turn it down haha
  5. Hey man, sweet deal. Those things look very cool. Always wanted to try one as well. How does it hit?
  6. I dont even kno how they work? What do you do? Fill it up completely with weed?
  7. i matched my dealer outta one of these once, we loaded like 2 grams and its exactly like a blunt and just keeps burning, and as your smoking you can push the slide up to knock off ash.
  8. i love glass blunts. they are a lot of fun but they break easily...
  9. my girlfriend got a tiny tiny one. maybe enough to cold a gram of weed. it sucked because it kept going out then the pole getting stuck in the shaft and man it just was a waste of money.

    it wouldve been sweeter if she got a bigger one.
  10. Its basically a chillum with an adjustable bowl..

    Its called glass blunt cause u can make it looklike it were a blunt wrapped in glass with alot of weed.

    I am gonna grab one just bcuz i collect glass/ And its overall peice for solo use then extend for party sesh.
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  11. Yeah. then you slide it up slowly to ash is like a blunt. Pretty cool.
  12. yeah i just broke it in about an hour ago. it hits pretty nice. its a pretty tight piece to bring to a party. my buddy matched me on some dro and we put about 2 grams in it. i recommend it to anybody that can find one for about 10 or 15 bucks. i like it alot :smoking:
  13. Yeah I picked up one of these off etsy not too long ago. I love the design, mine is made to look like a syringe. Pretty sweet.

  14. Ah thats tight..

    Someone should post up a pic of one in use.. smoke it a bit so i can see how it works.
  15. Agree. I've yet to see a video of one in use.

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