glass blowing

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  1. Looks like it to me, if you wanna blow 14mm ground joints.
  2. Are u a glassblower?

  3. no im not. ive just wanted to give it a try for some time now.
  4. sounds ill , im so stoned

  5. Then do more research before starting. This is some simple shit, brah :cool:

  6. practice on some cheap glass, joints are expensive practice
  7. i figured i would start with cheaper, softer glass before i move onto this stuff, i just had a few questions and cant find a good online guide or whatever directed toward pipes and such
  8. your not gunna find any tutorials on how to make anything besides a simple spoon. and softer glass? soft glass is so much different than borosilicate whats the point in starting with it?

  9. not really sure.
  10. Sounds like you need to do a lot more research before you jump into glass blowing. It is not only difficult, but can be very dangerous. Don't treat it like a joke man.

  11. im not treating like a joke. i really want to start glass blowing, but i know i have to do alot more research

  12. I suppose joke wasn't the correct term. I am just saying, don't take it lightly. Make sure you really read up on safety measures on ventilation and safely using torches etc.

  13. i know. i plan on getting a few books/dvd/ and such before i even buy the equipment and learn how to properly do everything

  14. [ame][/ame]
  15. thanks for the link smiley.
  16. There are more than likely glassblowing classes around your area to show you around the workshop and tools, you can probably sign up and you'll be learning how to make stuff as well.
  17. thanks ill try to find some.
  18. Ha i started blowing glass last year you for doing something like smalls hand size bowls can be affordable. You need obviously a torch set up. I have a redmax by nortel that kicks ass and is perfect for big to small pieces. I advise start small and see if you catch on cause i blew little bit money in glass just learning simple shit. You can buy minor bench torches that are pretty cheap about 180 to 300 bucks these are perfect for hand size bowls cause its a smaller torch ment for percision. Next you need tanks oxygen tank pick the biggest and then propane i use just a regular grill propane tank. You would be surprised how many times you refill your giant ass oxygen tank more than that lil propane. With tanks you need regulators obviously and then set tools. Look for tools and torches at large sites like sundance glass and so. I buy my rods through a guy in ypsi and for color rods i buy Online along with my frit and fume. Last thing you need a kiln which are expesive as fuck so buy small at first or you can start using these fiberglass blankets that cool down your pieces. I advise you its very difficult and fustrating but it blow ass at drawing or painting this is just my form art i can express through.

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