Glass blowing

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  1. Im thinking about getting a glass blowing kit to make pipes and bongs and stuff is it worth it to get and what stuff should i buy for it
  2. Thanks man but i still need to know what king of glass and torches and size can anyone help me out

  3. you need to know the king of glass and torches? Dale chihuly, no doubt.

  4. I would look over at talkglass for some torch recommendations, along with all the other equipment you will need, as well as what you'll need to do to have a good work space. They can also probably help you find some good glass suppliers online to get the glass you need. Also, you could PM anyone on here who is a blower, there are several, they may be willing to help you out some, but I would recommend doing some reading first.
  5. Ya... you're in the wrong forum for getting answers like that. And I suggest you search the blowing forums before starting a thread ------ you will get eaten alive by those blowers as they can get very very agitated with those who just "want someone to tell them how to so they can do" rather than figure it out for themselves. Most of us have gone through years of college, private lessons, read up on founding techniques, etc. There's a lot of time and effort into it than just buying the materials and "having at it". Just giving you a heads up as I've seen people get eaten, chewed up, and spit out on those forums. Do our research before asking questions! :eek: Hope that helps you out and good luck with your journey.... all I can say is learn patience and the glass will eventually work with you :)

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