glass blowing

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  1. so in life wat i wanna do at least as a hobbie is blow glass, so im currently taking lessons and learnin how to make beads and small sculptures, idk if ill ever make parafinilla butttttt heres some bead i made

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  2. looks sick
  3. nice beads dude...i think u can make at least pipes...
  4. nice beads dude
  5. nice start, keep at it. if you put in the time, you'll def be able to produce whatever you want
  6. nice shit, you could put some nice features and art on bongs you but and stuff.
  7. If anything you'll be able to make some trippy pipes; some of those beads look sick, nice job.
  8. I took a few lessons but gave up when I burned the shit out of myself, though I had alot of fun before that lol. I hope you get good enough to blow some nice art.

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