Glass blowing?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by dav3k, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know anything about where I would learn to blow glass? and what the minimum tools are, like if it's possible to own your own equipment without a massive amount of spending. I know it takes a massive amount of skill to make pieces like what I'd like to be able to make, but gotta start somewhere.... and I'd really like to learn. Could even make some money.....
  2. IDK where your form and what your colleges are like, b ut a few of the colleges and community colleges around me offer intro to glass art...or something along those also sure you could google for local glass art classes.....
  3. The best way I've heard is to find an apprenticeship with a glassblower and do it that way.

    And I think you first have to buy your own torch, no idea what they cost.

    If you're serious about it, head to Tokecity, they have several glassblowing artists that use the forum and you might have some luck there.
  4. well my older bro taught me..and yes it does take a massive amount of money..i mean torch=$200-1500, didinium glasses$40-200 (dont wanna burn your cornias!), propane$10-20,oxygen$35-120(tanks range in size, what you need to do here is set up an account with a gas company), and of! your range in from about $10-300 a week depending on how much you blow glass...dont think 300 is the limit, of 10 the least either... but yea your talking big bucks..but lemme tell you..when you start pumpin out pieces or...what i did was learned to make glass beads and pendents to pay for gas and glass..then got pieces all pays for itself..good luck bro!

    p.s im sure where ever your from has some kind of glass/artistic place to go and take classes...i know theres an ill camp where im from that you can take classes.

    you wont ever be sorry with blowing glass...theres always a demand for glass...also if you stay with it, you could look into going to collage for scientific glassblowing..(apparatus, (flasks,condensers) and then get a job that will pay very very well!! hope i was some help! peace out man :D
  5. If you've got any headshops in your area, ask around there and see if anyone knows any blowers that might be looking for an apprentice. I think that's your best bet for finding one in your area- And it would probably be a lot easier than taking glass blowing classes at a university. Rather than paying the college to learn to blow, why not get paid to learn?

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