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  1. Sorry Everyone if this is not the right forums. I couldn't find one that would Be suitable Enough or even if There Is One?


    I am new to glass blowing and was wondering if Anyone knew where I could buy glass blowing tools, such as: Glass Tubing (any size), Glass Rods, Fuming colors, Fritz, So On So Forth.

    Again, Sorry for posting in the wrong section.
  2. online

    quite a few stores
  3. This isn't the wrong section, it is completely the wrong forum, wrong website, wrong topic.

    Have you tried googling "glass blowing forum"? I just did and found many hits...
  4. You do realize You only had to say "Google it. Welcome." right?

  5. You do realize he made no comments about either your mother, or sister right?

    Just saying, no reason to take it so personal... You did come to a forum on marijuana growing to ask where to buy art supplies... He is not that wrong in saying you are very much in the wrong place, lol.

    Either way, at least head over to the "toking tools" section of the smoking and usage forums... Many there will at least be more into custom glass, though probably not making it.
  6. Yeah true, I just don't like the fact He said it in a spiteful way, Or at least I took it into the manner.

    Anyways, a very easy thing to get over.
  7. hey,
    as a fellow glass blower, i usually buy from another local artist in town because he buys wholesale and gives me better prices. but, if you dont know anyone like that check out mountain glass arts . com. they've got all the misc. crap you could ever want. hope this helps...
  8. Google "Lampworking."
  9. Thanks ALL! JAMTOKER I was recommended that earlier, Haha.

    How do You think This site is?
    dichroicimagery . com
  10. What part of "Marijuana Cultivation" led you to believe this was a good place to post this question?
  11. i just checked it out and it looks like mountainglass has a way bigger selection of higher quality glass and tools.

    good luck in your endeavors with glass, and next time you post here, make sure its about growing the herb

  12. Thanks Man! You really helped, and yeah I was kinda lost my bad Everyone, Anyways Have A Great Day!! :D JAMTOKER, Do you do some glass blowing Your Self?

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