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  1. I am doing research for an essay on the legalization of marijuana and the benefits it could have. I love marijuana and think that it should be legalized for general use. I was just hoping someone might be able to help me on this essay. If you have any good facts pertaining to the monetary benefits for the country that would be the most helpful. Anything helps, even other sites to check out. And may i suggest driving to a place that you have never been to while smoking. It is the greatest way to spend time with someone and almost never goes bad as long as everyone is high. And I hope everyone uses marijuana responsibly. Don't make this a harder thing to deal with for the rest of us.
  2. Yeah i agree with u i think ppl should moderate in the amount of marijuana they smoke we don;t go all dullaly from personal experience. And good luck on ya essay get a A+ for the stoners all round the world dude. Well n e wayz Welcome To The City and i hope u enjoy :)
  3. i was glad to find this site too, welcome an enjoy your stay here at stoner city!
  4. Welcome to the City!
  5. hey! welcome. im pretty new her also. seems great
  6. Welcome to the city of stoners.. Come on in and get stoned!
  7. theres nothing that will convince them that mj is ok .

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