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  1. Hello all.

    I found this forum after having multiple problems growing a seed I found in a bag I bought. After fumbling around and making all the wrong choices I have spent much time on this site and have some new seeds en route and cant wait to try again with my new knowledge.

    I started using pot for fun in high school but have since switched to using it medicinally. I have been unable to find a safe and reliable dealer so I have decided to grow my own. I am using it to cope with my anxiety from PTSD after working as a paramedic for five years.

    After being prescribed multiple drugs that allegedly cope with anxiety and having nightmares about things I would have never thought of I decided to give pot a chance. If you would have asked me what I thought of pot years ago I would have been against legalizing it, but after witnessing the hundreds of lives destroyed from the use of opiates and finding myself with PTSD I now understand how beneficial it is.

    Thanks to all the contributors in this forum for providing a no nonsense guide to growing this wonderful plant.
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  2. If you run into any problems I'd be happy to help. Good luck! :thumbsup:
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  3. Start a journal when you get it going and shoot me a msg I'll help ya out!

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  4. Welcome! It seems like everyone is generous on this site with sharing information. I know exactly what you mean about using weed medicinally. I suffer from depression and ptsd and none of the meds I've been prescribed helped as well as m.j., good luck. My only advice is to stick with quality if you want the medicinal results.
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  5. Good luck bruh bruh, hope it all works out!!! Lookin forward to them journals!
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