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Glad I'm not the only one who's gotten fired for it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justwannashmoke, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Random drug screens in a red state are quite uncool... I was at the same company for more than 2 years without any complaints... that is until last week. Apparently an lady with her children reported to my company she spotted me toking in a company vehicle. Specifically, she reported seeing me pull a pipe out and put it into the truck. Funny thing is, I don't smoke at work! I don't have anything mobile enough for it! I leave my bong at home. And weed here is too spendy on a college budget so I save my smoke for after work is over. Anyway, my boss smacks me with a random drug screen I wasn't even close to prepared for. This company did not even require a screen for employment. Results came back for "large amounts of marijuana" and there for the company had to in their words "let me go". Can't even get unemployment now... Ironically another fellow in the place got caught with a half p and charged with intent to sell, but still works there... :confused:

    For once I wish the lady would have just called the cops when I was "smoking"

    Yeahhh I need a new job :(
  2. Damn bro that sucks! Hope everything works well for you! P&P :smoke:
  3. Sorry man. I don't see why anyone would do that. Her life isn't any better just because she made yours worse. :confused: GL!
  4. I'm sure the guy wasn't caught with a half P there.

    That would be the difference. Obviously they think you were high on company time, not just in general.
  5. Why did you even take the "UA" when you completely
    knew you would come up 'HOT" :confused_2:
  6. Either way I was screwed. If I denied it they would fire me over that on the spot. Got another week's pay at least. I just got caught with my pants down and didn't think I was going to be fired. There's dudes at this company with DUI's... I didn't think a drug test was enough reason for them to throw me out, especially since I hadn't had any complaints for 2 years.

    And yeah. That guy wasn't on the job when he was carrying

  7. Right.. and the others didn't get DUIs while on the job either.

    Get where I'm going? The whole "this person this, that person that" argument just looks stupid. You got unlucky if you're not lying.. sucks. Start looking.
  8. @ Troll: gtfo?

    @ OP: Sorry to hear that. Try talking to your supervisor and ask if he'll put in a good word for you for any recommendations. Remind him that you never had any complaints and you never smoked when you were on the job.
  9. Fuck people. Needa mind their own damn business and not be rats
  10. Were you putting a pipe in the car?

    Do you have any crazy bitch enemies who would report you?
  11. Yeah it doesn't make sense she would imaginary see you smoking pot. I believe you op but thats just straight bull shit on her part. Did she tell your manager she saw smoke coming out? Were you smoking cigs?

  12. Nah man... I don't even have one.

    And as far as enemies go, there was a dude from a different company that I worked around for a couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago I got fed up with him and told him he bugged the shit out of me and told him to leave me alone. I think his schedule changed because I hadn't seen him since. But I don't know who else it could have been
  13. #14 Justwannashmoke, Nov 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 18, 2011
    According to my boss she said it reeked like pot near my truck. I smoke cigarettes, but I let American Spirit roll them for me haha. There's no way to tell if she saw smoke or not because I don't even know where I was reported from. They were real short with the details on that
  14. Well she prolly thought the cig smoke was weed. If she doesnt smoke herself it's possible. It's still bullshit and it still sucks sorry dude
  15. I would rather get fired for refusing than to take the test and
    know im gonna be fired anyway.

    Atleast then you might still be able to use them as a refferance
    for the next job.

    Its much easier to explain why you refused to the next employer
    (if they call for references) than to explain why you failed the drug test.

    Now you would be very dumb to use them as a reference or even put
    them down as work experience on an application.

  16. I could still have a possibility for a reference. I plan on calling them tomorrow after I let my head clear of the frustration. I never had a problem with any of my superiors. Company Policy just wasn't in my favor this time
  17. You could have been the best employee but lost your
    job for a failed drug test....Thats still not a good reference.

    But good luck...Sucks that happened
  18. Sorry, maybe it's time for a change.;) Good luck.

    Same thing happened to me approximately 14 years ago, I started my own company and have never looked back. No surprise tests either and I smoke when I want.:cool:
  19. what a fucking bitch. I swear i fucking hate people like that

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