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Discussion in 'General' started by KonZektt420, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. I'm planning a flight for next year to see a friend, she said it's really hard to get bud in Kouvola (That's where she lives.) and I was thinking of trying to smuggle some into Kouvola via flight, I don't know how I'd get around it though (It'd be my first flight, and I'd be nervous as hell as well so that won't help for being nervous) but I've looked up ways of doing it, putting it in shampoo bottles, wrap up so many times and then tape it to the scrotum, but that's something I really don't want to do.. I'd like it if there was someone I could buy bud in Kouvola.. but I know no one.. And that's the only choice because even though it's 2 weeks of being with an amazing person.. (and anyone that smokes weed well knows this) everything is so much better with a gram or two! Just any help really is what I'm looking for..

  2. Put it in your check-in man, I snuck a half oz from Detriot to Paris by just putting it in my check-in, I dont think they check it unless it reeks of weed.
    Buy her a plane ticket to come to you.
  3. I would have bought her a ticket to come here, but I want to be there, I'm one of these guys that feel it would mean more, being the first time abroad and seeing her, but please remember I've never been in an airport, what do you mean "put it in your check-in"? Just cause I've saw websites saying it's hard to smuggle it to a different country without being caught, but there was one way i thought would have worked. Get a pack of cigarettes, empty a couple from the packet, then pack the ground bud into the skeleton of the cigarettes then put a little bit of tobacco at the end as a "cap"?  But if you wouldn't mind, can you explain the check-in bad one a bit more?
  4. Suitcase dude..
  5. Okay, never knew that before.. Is there anyone on this forum that's from Kouvola though? Maybe that would help more than trying to hide it in a bag going through the airport 

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