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Giving Your Manager Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mikesu58, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. lol my manager gives me rides home when we work closing at the liquor store we both work at, and earlier this week he asked me about what kind of weed I was gonna smoke tonight because I bought some mini dutches at work that night, so i told him white widow and hes like "oh is that some goodshit?" and asked if I could give him some to try. so today when I went to work I put about .2 , one nice little bud in a bag and gave him it at work right before he clocked out, and I just realized after taking 2 hits 10 minutes ago in my pipe and getting a pretty good high already that he's gonna get high as fuck when he smokes that. i've talked to him about weed before and he says he only would buy Az or Mids "Midgrade quality" weed and he has trouble finding good stuff, but has tried some before lol, Do you think I did the right thing?

  2. ya. watch you'll probably get a raise or a promotion now.
  3. Hell yeah dude. Giving manager's weed is always a good idea.
  4. Make him buy you a few lap dances and a blow job or a fuck from the hottest girl there and give him a half ounce or something so your not selling it to him.
  5. Tell us what he says when you see him next time; I'm interested to see how he reacts.
  6. He's you're superior and you gave him weed man, don't let him expect to receive free weed from you because he's your manager just don't let it become something you can't get out of without making him angry or hell fire your ass aha
  7. I'm the manager at work and I bring bongs, spoons, joints, and vape pens loaded with bho for me and the boys. I got transferred there like 6 months ago and they were all nervous that I wouldn't let them get high at work. Then they found out I have the good good and started throwing their paychecks at me.
    Manager or clerk, dealing with either of them like that can be hazardous to your employment and freedom if they're a snitch or a rat. Unless their job title is "officer" or "detective" it shouldn't matter if they're a manager, clerk, unemployed, or even a convicted felon. Trust your instincts, not a label that somebody else puts on people.
  8. Wish you were my boss.
    But I have tons of coworkers that got me in to the bad stuff.
    Heh, lots of unmentionables going around, people try to pay their debts with it all the time. I love my new location :smoking:
  10. I would never give herb to someone who was my boss. Just like I would never be friends with a boss. 
  11. i used to get weed for my old manager's wife and about 6 months later they needed to downsize the staff, guess who got popped for the random and fired? me DO NOT TELL ANYONE YOU WORK WITH YOU BLAZE IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU
  12. thats one reason i don't work at a place that has a drug testing policy. because sooner or later they can and will test you for whatever reason.
    i am a manager at work. i grow my own, but have an employee who i trade ounces with too have a couple different kinds. i have given many of my employees bud for special occasions as a gift ,for like christmas,thanksgiving,. i make it a policy to not smoke with the fellas unless it is our day off. the guys think it is kinda weird but screw 'em if they ain't down. also i really appreciate it when my one young buck brings me a sample and hands it off saying "take this home and try this it is my best bud." i am sure to return the favor. 
    so mikesu, it is ok to give him bud as long as he is cool. you'll find out soon enough. and like i said he should be returning the favor or at least compensating you in some way. 

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