Giving Weed To Grandma?

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  1. My grandma is severely ill with arthritis and glaucoma and she has multiple surgeries a month for back and leg pain. I live in dallas and she lives in amarillo (both in TX). i am visiting her for the summer and I know that she would benefit greatly from some danky dank, but i dont know how to introduce it to her. she talks and jokes about toking and brownies and such, so i think she would gladly accept. what do you guys think?

  2. Make the offer to her. Tell her you've heard it helps with all that stuff and ask her if she might like to try and see if it would help her.
    Has she had edibles before?
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    Ever thought of grabbing a few articles from my List (see my sig) and just saying- "You joke about medical use, but here is some research that would support your actually using cannabis! I have a trust-worthy friend who can get me a little bit if you would like to try it- just to see if it really does work." (or something like that)
    If you can swing it, using a vaporizer is the best way to introduce a senior to cannabis. Your grandmother can take a single hit, and wait 5 minutes to judge the effect, and repeat until she gets to a good level. Do NOT buy a "el Cheapo" knock-off from Ebay! Get a good whip-type (less intimidating than the bag-type) like a Vapor Brothers, Silver Surfer, etc.
    Edibles are too unpredictable for a novice cannabis user! What you last ate, when you ate it, and just how well their digestion works, can figure into the effect of an edible. Figuring the proper dose the first time is near impossible! And the length of time before noticing an effect can be 15 minutes to 3 hours! After your grandparent "gets a feel for the high" from vaporizing, then is the time to introduce those "hippie brownies!
    When that time comes, look here!
    BadKat's CannaPharm: -Linked- Table of Contents  (forum post - 2012)

    My best advice is to go slow. Let HER set the pace. It may take several sessions before she feel comfortable enough to take more than a couple of puffs! She may be worried about the smell- explain that vaporizers make far less odor than smoking, and you were smart enough to bring some incense! (a good variety of cone incense- easy to carry)  Good luck!
  4. Hit up granny's list and just talk to her about it
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Especially Storm Crow. I think I just going to be like "I know you have been hurting and really need some relief, so please try this?" *hands grandma joint* I also forgot to mention she has emphysema. Would the herb help with that too?
  6. I would be completely honest with her about both your intention and marijuana. Just sit down with her let her know how you feel. Based on what you have said above I think she will completley understand. I agree with Storm Crow that the puffs could be difficult for her to handle but I believe it could work. Good Luck to you and your grandma bro
  7. The smoke would probably make her cough her ass off if she has emphysema.  My gf's grandma has it and she coughs a lot when she smokes weed or cigs.  You may want to try a vaporizer like the guy above said, but if not, try giving her a joint, not a blunt.  Joints hit easier
  8. You live in Texas. The police there will arrest your grandmother and have her executed. Don't do it.
  9. Heh, my grandma is the type whom I would not expect to try it.. but she has several problems.  Well, my whole family was on vacation last year, and my sisters got her to try a special cookie.  She said it was the best day of the entire trip (she didn't even go the year before..)
  10. Sounds like if she would do it then you should try it. Say something like "hey, I don't know if you know this, but I smoke cannabis...and I was wondering if you wanted to join me today?" Or, a more thorough way, you could smoke and cover yourself in the smell, and then stand really close to her, until she comments on the smell, and then invite her to toke it.
  11. Also, I don't think my grandma would ever do that and she would also probably be really disappointed in me if she knew I smoked.. She's probably the one who raised my mother to hate it! :p Although, she's really accepting and open minded about a lot of other things, so who knows?!
    Ask her her thaughts on the legalization in colorado and ask her what she thinks. ask her if she would ever use it because you have heard about the extreme benifits it can have for her. 
    i doubt she will say no

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