giving vitamin water 2 the plants

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  1. i had this thought yesterday about giving the cannabis plant vitamin water instead of regular water.
    a couple years back a girl for science fair experimented with this and it makes the plants grow better, it might also give it a fruity taste
    just a thought, i will try
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    The roots will clean out an "FRUITY" taste so I wouldn't waste your time. Think about the world, then think about the people who grow pot, now think are you really capable of coming up with an original idea ? I can assure you this has been done tried and failed 1000's of time.


    Picture 1.png

    Or you could just do it right with nutrients designed for plants ...
  3. Ahh, I was going to say get some Centrum. I use them before I start drinking to help with hangovers, but they work wonders for plants too!
  4. If you want to give your plant vitamins use SuperThrive or some other botanical vitamin product.
  5. just inject your plants with steroids

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