Giving up weed for someone

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  1. I found someone to love the mess that I am and I am going to move in with her very soon. But she does not like the smell of smoke so I am quitting weed for her (and it's worth it) - I'm so happy that I found someone that I know without a doubt loves me.

  2. Vape mate, she'll love the smell.
  3. vape like the guy above said or smoke joints/blunts during your day(walking down the street, in your car, find a spot in the woods, etc.)
  4. edibles are good.  ::burp::  
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    perfect means you don't have to change yourself... i hope she doesn't dislike anything else, cuz.
  6. im happy for you. dont let anything bring you down go and do your magic my friend.
  7. Vape, no girl is worth quitting for. It's healthier anyway, she'll never smell it!

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  8. She loves you...but hates something that you love doing and wants you to stop for her? I mean its none of my business really...but man if a girl ever gave me an ultimatum between weed and her, I'd show her to the front door in seconds. 
    If a girl loves me for me, awesome. Otherwise get the fuck out. I aint changin to fit your requirements/needs. :)
  9. smoke outside or in the garage, I hate the smell of bananas but i dont ban people from eatting them, if your changing then she isnt really loving you, she loving the you she gets to make from the mold you offered up. 
  10. blow it in her face and find someone else.
    first it's the weed.
    then it's the clothes...
    then you find yourself outside waiting for her pocket dog to relieve itself so you can pick up its crap...while holding her purse because she needed to go back to get something...
    and then you have to deal with the likes of me that are just staring at you laughing like..."dude, what the hell are you doing right now??"
    don't be that guy. we have enough of those guys.
    nah, what i mean to say is..look for a compromise but don't defer to what she wants for you. be your own man.
  11. Reminds me of choice Dave Chappelle's character made in Half Baked.
    Ultimately love conquers all but your girl is being selfish if she won't "allow" you to vape once a week or a couple times a month.
    Not only is there no weed smell it's easy to function normally using so little cannabis on a weekly basis.
    It's called compromise and she should have enough respect for you to at least meet you in the middle.
  12. Hey OP, do you or her have kids?
    If not, you should be allowed to smoke.
    You're a grown ass man with limited responsibilities.
    There's no reason you can't vape every now and then. It's fine to make some concession for someone you love but it's never cool to be flat out pussy whipped.
  13. This is why I only date girls AFTER I've smoked with them...
  14. if she really loves you she wouldn't make you choose
  15. Do what makes you happy OP. With or without weed. When it is legal maybe she will change her outlook.
  16. That sucks my fiancé doesn't like my smoking but is willing to deal with it does get in my case sometimes the but rather I choose to stop on my own

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  17. OP don't listen to these people on here, this is the reason why they don't get girls, they simply cannot comprehend the simplest of things!
    Now let me explain what going on here for the simple minded folks
    The girl didn't stop OP from smoking all she said was that she didn't like the smell of weed, and this is a common occurrence to smokers, you would have realized this if you actually have human interaction with others in a daily bases, OP likes the girl and he himself decided to quit smoking all together, not because the girl said so even tho the girl doesn't like the smell of weed OP can still smoke if he wants, OP decided to quit smoking altogether now personally I believe that is a really mature thing to do, it obvious that the girl is more important to him than the weed, and as we can see it makes him happy, he didn't get punked by the girl OP made his decision and he is happy and im happy for him.
    Anyone that could make a decision like that and still be happy is a better man than I, so respect to you OP.
    Quiting weed is never a bad thing!

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