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Giving up weed due to career

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pstew, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone out there has had too or knows anyone who have had to forever give up the great thing that is marijuana due for a job? I am starting to realize that my smoking days are probably numbered for this reason. I am a engineering student halfway through my program. Chances are any job I get will require not only pre employment drug testing but will always run the risk of random testing as well. It really seems unfair but what can I do.

    Is there anyone out there who has this problem or has found a way to still enjoy the herb on occasion? This really brings me down.
  2. if you can, have a clean friend piss for you.

    if not, get fake urine.

    if all else fails, idk bro. im sorry. Try smoking when you have like a 2 wk vacation so itll be outta ur systm if u do it sparingly.

    look on the + side, you may have a resetted tolerance! remember being a pot virgin? its awesome
  3. Honestly, yeah sure you can have yourself a high paying successful job but not be able to smoke some green but would you be happy? If you'd be happy then i guess that's all that matter but for me personally, i chose a career path that doesnt pay that much, but im happy that i get to toke up all the time :)
  4. Hey you have have to decide keep smoking and risk beings tested or quite and know ur safe it your choice man
  5. Just do it once every few months or so so it will flush out of your system real quick if you need to take a screening.
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    I had to quit smoking for nursing school and also for both hospitals I worked in because of pre-employment screenings. right now i'm back to smoking (not working in a hospital) and just enjoying myself but i know once i get some personal stuff taken care of that i'll have to quit for a new job and even then cut down to only smoking here and there spread out on a day/night off or something. it kind of is a bummer, but unfortunately until things change with cannabis laws etc. it's just part of life (if you choose to have a career that you can't smoke regularly).
  7. work as an engineer until you have a shit load of money saved up. then get a different job
  8. Microbiology student... had to quit.
  9. But one day you'll retire and you can smoke all the bud you want man :)

  10. Can't wait haha. I will doubt I will completely cut it out. I could deal with the occasional smoke once in a while it would make it that much better. I'll just hope for the best. Before that time comes though I am going to enjoy the hell out of it.
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    Not necessarily true :)

    I graduated from college a few years ago with my Bachelor of Science and work a desk job for a well known big business. Been with them since graduating, receive glowing performance reviews year after year, and haven't once been tested.

    Employers typically require you to sign a paper agreeing to submit to drug testing as they deem, but that doesn't always mean there will be a drug test, either pre-employment or randomized after employment. It's expensive to test every employee! So it's not a cost most companies are willing to commit to voluntarily. Therefore routine drug tests are typically administered only in a hazardous working environment (power plants, construction sites, laboratories with hazardous chemicals, etc). Otherwise, employers generally reserve drug testing for situations when they have reason to believe that you are toking during business hours. Research your industry to give yourself a heads up as to what side of the fence your potential employers will likely be sitting on.

    That being said, caution is ALWAYS prudent, especially when job hunting. Assuming you are not a medical patient, I recommend to stop smoking when you are beginning the interview process and to continue the break until a few months in at your job. This will allow you to get the definite feel for your employer's policy and you can decide whether or not to resume smoking at that point in time. (note, if you use for medical reasons but do not live in a medical state, or are still concerned even if you do, I recommend speaking with your doctor about alternative medications to use during this period).

    Also, once on the job, don't share much of your personal life with your coworkers. Basic chit chat about enjoying a vacation or visiting family or having a bad cold can be fine, but don't share anything that could cause someone to judge you harshly. Always remember, they are your coworkers, and in the long run they are competing against you for the better paying positions (never underestimate the corrupting power of greed! or the influence of your reputation on your career path), and are therefore not necessarily friends that you can trust. While you may make some friends at work, make sure you know their life outside of work well before you share yours with them.
  12. Hopefully by the time you graduate, and go to the job world, it will be legal, and they can't say jack shit about what you put into your body...
  13. Just give it up man, I'm an engineering student too and this is the last semester smoking for me. As much as I enjoy weed I know that with my life goals it will not fit in, which I'm ok with. Maybe later in life when I retire it can be something I go back to, but potentially raising a family comes first. My dad did it, and I have a great life, which is the same I want to do for my kids.
  14. oh and also, it cost your employer money to drug test you. your employer doesnt like to spend money
  15. Have never been tested, and worked in finance from the time I got out of college in the mid 90's until 2010 when I got out of the industry.

    That said, do what you gotta do man. Bud is a life enhancer. But you shouldn't give up your life just for bud. Quit for now, and when you are more settled in your career bud will still be there waiting for you if you decide to smoke again.
  16. Synthetic urine would be my choice.

    Just go to the interview stoned, if you can play it off, you can go stoned into work all the time and look "normal."

    One of my old professors told me to get wasted before taking your drivers license picture as a joke, so when you get pulled over and you're stoned you look normal.

    I did it and I look waay too wasted, almost retarded.
  17. Most employers make you sign that "random drug testing" waiver just to cover their ass, and very few actually do it unless you crash a company car or something.

    I was KIND of thinking of becoming a cop in H.S., around 1 yr after I started smoking bud., and didn't do it because of the random testing.

    Found out recently that CPD hardly even does it, and quite a few CPD officers smoke on their free time.
  18. Coming up on two years for mine.

    No regrets

  19. if you dont mind me asking, why?

    you've been clean for two years for your career? kudos! i dont know that i could linger around this place for that long if that were the case for me

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