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Giving up toking for a girl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2FootBong, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. #1 2FootBong, Nov 27, 2011
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    so i was planning to go out with this chick, 95% sure she likes me and all that shit, so thats all good. but this morning one of my friends told me he thinks she's gona want me to quit toking, which i hadnt really expected previously. i'd like to talk to her about smoking, but i want to do it in person so thatll have to wait til tomorow or tuesday. now, im not gona lie, i have called people some mean names on this forum for even considering giving up bud for a girlfriend. and a year or so ago when i was in the same situation i chose mary jane and didn't look back.

    but im considering it now. after all, if it totally wasnt worth it i could just smoke at my own house where she wouldnt have any way to find out. but id prefer not to lie. looking at it as a cost-benefit analysis is hard, because ive been smoking daily for long enough (minus t breaks) that i have no idea what it would be like to quit for awhile. also, the argument ive made many times before comes to mind: if the girl is too blind to see that smoking is no big deal, maybe u dont want to go out with her.

    before i started writing this i was pretty sure i'd go ahead and give it up, but now that i think on it i probably won't. im sure theres people who will say that only an addict would choose drugs over a girl. fellow blades, what are your thoughts on this? anyone ever given up toking for a girlfriend, or vice versa?

    tl;dr- just read the title and last 2 sentences.

    EDIT: a lot of people seem to assume from the title that i am quitting for some girl. i'm not, just considering it.
  2. Dude.. you shouldn't have to give up smoking dope? Like my broads just don't like when I smoke cigarettes.. Maybe you should start smoking cigarettes, and then quit them for her.

    She will be so pumped you stopped smoking cigarettes, she will let you continue smoking dope... ahah.
  3. Nah man, if smoking is part of what who you are and what you like to do, you shouldn't let a girl change that, thats a bad start to a relationship
  4. I wouldn't

    Relationships in high school never go anywhere anyways, why worry about the opinion of someone else or change your hobbies in order to adhere to how someone else believes?

    Assuming of course, you're still in your ladder years of high school.
  5. Why doesn't she have to START toking in order to start going out with you? Fuck the double standard.
  6. Its amazing yall arent virgins

    or are you?
  7. change your hobies dude
  8. 95 percent sure she likes you? Dude, what's that mean exactly? You two fucked?
  9. dont tell her about your smoking habit and get into those panties. You arent going to marry her so who cares?

    Edit: 95% ? its like a yes or no question. I am probably 95% sure i am high right now
  10. If she can't accept what you want to do with your life. She shouldn't be in it.
  11. Fuck that shit

    Id go with the bud
  12. allthough some girls are worth changing for, you should never allow someone to change who you are and what makes you happy.

    if you like her, she likes you, do your thing. if she isnt into weed then dont bring it up. if she ask's, tell her yea you smoke every once ina while but you havent smoked in a while and strug your shoulders as if you dont even care to smoke.

    maybe she dont like weed because she have never experianced it ina positive time you can change that
  13. #13 2FootBong, Nov 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 27, 2011
    i think ill probably just try to convince her otherwise (if it even turns out that she cares; ive seen no evidence of it, just some vague word my friend heard through 2 other people), and if it doesnt work just escape with my freedom intact. main reason i was considering it is cuz a bunch of my smoking friends have been quitting/getting busted/moving recently, so i was mainly smoking in private anyway. but i just realized if i give up smoking i wont be able to smoke blunts in front of freshmen and hassle them, and thats just too much fun.

    haha i like that man (you can tell cuz i liked the post). of course it doesnt actually make any sense (not gona explain why unless someone honestly doesnt realize) but if it goes south i may say "hey, you know thats funny i was actually gona say i dont really wana date you unless you started smoking."

    i am still in high school. but i don't think your argument is very compelling... if you don't care about your girlfriends opinions and youre not willing to compromise on any differences in beliefs, what kind of relationship is that?

    she knows i smoke already... plus why would u lie to someone you want to go out with? like anyone else who looks at me (i look like a stoner cuz of no-shave november). but really, i mentioned that i toke in front of her the first time i met her, and she didnt seem like she cared, thats why i was surprised to hear that she might.

    by the way, i dont think that not toking would "change who i am"... it really is just a hobby, would giving up stamp collecting "change who you are"? but then again thats such a vague phrase that who the hell knows what it even means

  15. im not even gona read this post.
    jus gona tell u how dumb of an idea it is.
    she cant take u for who u r, then fuck her.
  16. Or you can find someone who accepts you for who you are and what you like.

    She is just doing what a lot of girls like to do, control and manipulate, next thing you know youll be ditching your bros for this stupid cunt.
  17. Swed, aint no bitch gonna hold me back from my baby Mary <3
  18. Fuck that shit, I'd never give up blazing for some broad.
  19. read the post man... she didn't say shit, my friend just told me that he thinks she will so i was considering the possibility

    EDIT: the low quality and unfounded assumptions of most of these replies is astounding....
  20. It seems like a good idea now, but in a few months to a year after being with this chick, you'll start to resent her for making you give up something you love. And jumping into a relationship willing to give such a big part of your life away, will lead to her controlling what you do to keep her content.

    I say man up, defend what you love and stand for, and if she still wants you, then go for it. If not, you probably wouldn't want to date anyone that's that close minded and arrogant.

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