Giving the middle finger in pictures...

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, May 11, 2006.

  1. I mean... for no reason. Just a middle finger. Some budshots on the growers forum... yeah good achievement... but why have you stuck your middle finger in there? Someone takes a photo of you... QUICK STICK THE MIDDLE FINGER UP!

    Don't get me wrong there's a time when you CAN do it and get away with it... for example I used to do it... when I was 14!

    Why the hell do I always moan... I'm gonna make a positive post... one of these days...
  2. I say, worry about your fingers... But everyone else wont stop doing it. I do it sometimes, It just feels like something to do.. I guess. I have no clue ^-^
  3. yeah i know wat u mean. Im like why are they flipping me off. Where is the love
  4. to say a big fuck you to whoever is taking/looking at the pic
  5. to look mean.

  6. If I saw a pic of someone in their grow op giving the finger, I'd assume it's saying "Fuck you" to the government, who'd trying to stop what's going on in the picture but has failed.
  7. I dont know why, But i do it alot.

    I hate getting my picture taken..

    But Switch, You cant make a positive post. Then you wouldnt be a real man. ;)
  8. Yeah... it's just a reaction, to get some level of expression into the picture. To be a bit of badass. Who knows, it's just a quick reaction, people don't really think it over. Should they stop? Nah. Most of the time when I flip anyone off I'm just fuckin' around w/ my buddies or expressing my view on the current state of politics.

  9. same here. i always try to flip people off just to make the pic unusable. unless i'm too fucked up to give a shit of coarse
  10. lol... when i was 14 i thought it would be cool to always stick up my middle finger... but with my hand upside down. then i guess some kid said it was from a blink 182 video and i told him hes full of shit i made it up. i watch the video and it turns out mark does do it in there. i told em i never seen it before, noone believed me.

    ahh, the joys of middle school.
  11. You're right, the middle finger is sooooo last year.
    I like to put up a "shocker" whenever I get my picture taken.

    Seriously . . . who cares?
  12. the main reason ppl put up their fingers in pics is because they don't know what to do with their hands. a lot of ppl feel shy just standing there like a statue with ur hands off to the side not doing anything. having that hand in front of you doing something is a security blanket. of course you could do anything with ur hands besides the finger, but the finger is the most common thing to do that everyone will understand and will make you look "tough" i guess.
  13. Middle fingers r cool. I don't know why people do that either????????? :confused: JOE>
  14. pretend to be asian and do the peace sign. :p

  15. Haha- :D I'd forgotten about that.
  16. Because it makes me feel like a hardass grrrr :devious:

    i don't know really. I do not like getting my picture taken and i am usually just using it as a signal to say fuck off to the person who is taking my picture
  17. if you really want to stick it to the picture taker, why not whip your dick out? like nobody wants a picture of me with my wang in one hand and a smile on my face i know that much.
  18. haha thats not my thing man. Funny but i am not gonna do that shit everytime someone snaps a pic of me

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  19. I dislike it to, as well as the little "gangsta" thing, where they stick up there two fingers, and pucker there lips's become way to much of a cliche.
  20. I rarely flip the bird outta hate. Around here its just like throwin the deucer up, or wavin.its just fingers! ..!..heh:wave:

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