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Giving some gas money to dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Domuk, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I normally buy about 50$ worth of weed from my dealer, it not much but he normally has good stuff and I can trust this kid. Recently I've been giving him about 20$ for gas every pick up (so 20 every 2 weeks). Reason for this is, we are both high school students so I know how tough gas is to get and we both work min. wage jobs, I just work more hours than he does(He gets about 15 while I get an average of 33 a week). While I can't say he is a friend personally, he is a cool kid.
    I was just wondering if you guys think I should continue giving that extra 20$ for gas or just stop?

    Reason for it was if my dealer happy, I'll be happy and he'll be more likely to give me the top of the bag bud.
  2. i mean yeah keeping the dealer happy is good, dont wanna be getting junk dope. but if i were you i woulda started off with like $10 then if you wanted to be nice, say "you gave me some dank shit last time, heres another $10". thats if hes just driving around town.
  3. Well, $20 is a lot. I say if you really want to, say you can't afford $20, and drop it down to $10. That is still a very reasonable amount. Props for the generosity, but I really wouldn't pay that much if you don't have a lot of extra cash.
  4. You are very generous, how far away does he live? If it's only a 10 or 15 minute drive 20$ is excessive. It would be a good gesture every once in a while but i wouldn't give him so much every time.
  5. $20 is a lot... and thats coming from someone who drives a car that runs on premium and gets 18mpg on a good day... essentially you're paying $70 for $50 worth of weed...
  6. I agree, 10 bucks, anything more you migth as well be sucking his dick
  7. Eh good point man, I'll keep it low
  8. No, fuck that shit. He's your dealer, you're the customer. I don't give my dealer money for driving. I mostly buy a 50 euro sack and he gets enough profit from it to pay for gas.

  9. I would rather travel and enjoy the day rather than give 20 out of my pocket, honestly you are mad, unless i was really rich, even then your a hard working guy why waste 20 of your hard worked money for someone else's gas. I would find another link or just tell him you cant afford to pay him gas money and your willing to go half way or something, just save that 20 everytym and treat yourself.
  10. Id say thats a lot of money for someone on min wage just to be givin away, thats like $500 a year man, that would buy you 10 more pickups or maybe put gas in your own car and go to him. If you dont have a car use the money to save for a downpayment or get an older car. Stop basically bein this guys bitch. lol
  11. IMO the delivery fee should be in with his prices. If your giving him $20 in gas and $50 for a 8th, you are now paying $70 for an 8th. Thats not a very good deal.
  12. I wouldnt give him 20$ extra, he is already making money. Real job, selling, he should be able to afford gas or get a bike for delivering.

    Does he even ask for gas money? How far is he even traveling? 20$ for gas is a lot yo, that could get me like 28 Miles in my gas loving truck lol, and he better not be driving 30 miles just to meet you.
  13. 20$ for gas? I'd never drop more than $5 for gas and thats for a friend.
  14. Tips are rare. Give him something it'll prob make his day since customers are always trying to bargan and get cheap with you. Gas is the #1 dealer enemy, i know guys who can't prosper because they can't deliver and afford the gas
  15. I agree with what most of these people said, however what goes around comes around and your generosity will not be ignored by the universe. Good things will happen to you if you share and let money "flow thru you" this pertains to everything in life. Not only money. I used to be more stingy with money but realized I liked sharing more and now I'm making more than ever. I believe this wholeheartedly but 20 bucks is too much. Id keep it to 5 or 10. But damn some of these people need more fuel friendly cars. 20 bucks would get me 200 miles in my TDI lol
  16. I don't see why you're paying him for gas, it's his prob to get it to you and he already makes enough of of you. You're essentially paying $70 per 1/8 and that is ludicrous.
  17. Hes making money off selling you the bud in the first place if I ever give gas money its only $5 and I rarely give money for gas.But if you can afford it and you want to go for it dude.
  18. This guy is already making at least 20 bucks off you, why double his profit? He wouldn't deal to you in the first place unless it was worth his time.

    Its a nice gesture though...just excessive
  19. lucky dealer

  20. no argument there... shit i wish my car was at least turbo'd so i wouldnt be paying for premium in a slow as tank... hell im barely faster than a stock 5 speed non vtec civic... and the civic gets twice my gas mileage...

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