Giving Sobriety and Responsibility a Well Deserved Try

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    K, for those who sort of know me on here. Then you know where I'm coming from.

    I'm a moderate opiate binge addict

    A nicotine addict

    A caffeine addict

    An occasional Benzo user

    Never really had a problem with weed, except I have used it as a crutch.

    Either way, for the past six years, I've always needed to be high in some form or another.

    It's seriously my time to quit this shit. I can't go on living this lifestyle. If I do, I really fear I might be dead by 35.

    I'm 28 now, but, nowhere in my life's plans do I have it written down, to be dead by 35.

    I need to start taking care of myself. I mean good care of myself.

    Drugs are always gonna be here on this earth, but I'm not. So I need to leave this abusing lifestyle behind me.

    I wrote a post on Craigslist, sort of a rant the other day. It kind of opened my eyes. I'll share the post. It seems kind of dark, but it really isn't. I may have posted dark images, but they were just to get people's attention. I'm not a satanist or anything, lol.

    But it made me realize, I need to start following my own advice, and quit being a hypocrite, and start living up to my own standards I believe in.

    Craigslist Posting

    """"Everything Kills (Rmo)

    Date: 2009-09-14, 8:55PM CDT
    \t\t \t\t \t\t\tReply To This Post \t\t \t\t
    To the City air you breathe. To any food you eat, no matter how healthy, because anything that metabolizes, has cell oxidation. The only way to slow that down, it to eat little food as possible. What kills more than anything though, is stress. Bad attitudes, worrying, Whining. Making Excuses, and pointing the finger and blaming any and every thing.

    Did you know, people can actually worry themselves sick. People can actually worry themselves cancer. Psychosomatic Illness, is when a person displays physical symptoms of an illness, because it has manifested in their body, through their mind, and their thoughts.

    Really everybody suffers from some form of psychosomatic manifiestiatsions, no matter how mild, or undetectable.

    "I'm never gonna be Happy" Guess what, you're never gonna be happy.

    "I'll never make enough money to live comfortably" Guess what, you'll never make enough money to live comfortably.

    "Politicians are ruining my life" Guess what, you're letting politicians ruin your life, by blaming politicians for your problems.

    "I'll never lose all this weight" Yup fatty, you've already made up the decision for yourself.

    Really though, if your that paranoid that smokers are going to make you ill, you'll probably fall ill by your own accord, and blame it on smokers.

    Quick, move out to the country, build an underground bunker, stock up on canned foods, and oxygen tanks, and ride out the rest of your life, trying to save yourself from this crazy world. Make sure to bring plenty of goats to fuck and eat while your out there, your bound to get really bored.

    But Hey, Don't let me shut your pie hole up. Really pisses me off, whenever I post in here, everybody STFU & quits posting for hours or days. Yeah, I know reading my posts, is like chewing on glass, or wiping your ass with tree bark. But where would you be without me? Shoving different objects up your ass every morning and blaming Obama for an anal prolapse. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""

    [ame=]YouTube - Breathe[/ame]


    Yeah the images are kinda dark, and so is my content I'm writing. But it was to prove a point. We all have choices that we can make. Some of those choices really don't mean much in the grand scheme of things, while some of them have a great bearing on the future direction of your life.

    I need to start following my own advice, and make some hard choices for myself. My choices as of now. Are, that I can't continue to smoke cigarettes. I must quit, for the sake of my health, for the rest of my life. It's just not worth it by any means to continue to waste my money, and my health towards a slow and painful death that awaits every life long smoker. I might die in a car accident, but I would much rather die, having have lived a richer and healthier life, without the weight of a nicotine addiction always bearing down on my body, mind, and soul.

    Two, I enjoy weed and opiates. But I really need to live a sober life, most of the time. For many reasons. Too many reasons for me to even want to spend the time to list at this moment.

    Now with opiates, I'm making an amends. I'll allow myself to do opiates, once every two months. No more, or no less. Why two months. Because I read somewhere that after somebody becomes addicted to opiates, and once they quit, it takes two whole months for their brains endogenous opioid system to completely normalize. That's for an addict, it's not the same for someone who uses once, then quits for two weeks. A person who uses opiates once, and is not an addict, and stops after one use, their brain normalizes back within a few days to a week. But I'm just using the two month method as a reminder of how strong opiates are. I myself, feel personally that I don't need to do opiates any more often than once every two months.

    As far as weed goes. I'm going to allow myself to use twice a week. On Sundays and Wednesdays. Just because I like to chill and take it easy on Sundays and Wednesdays. And I really don't need to be baked anymore than that. I love weed, but I think I'll enjoy it more, if I use it less often. Sacrificing Quanity, for Quality.

    Like I said, drugs are always gonna be there, so I no longer feel the need or reson to abuse them. I still want to use them. But these are the choices I'm making. Life's too short to live all of it, in a foggy haze, but I'll still take time out to enjoy a foggy haze once in awhile. Just responsibily. So this will be my day to day crutch, writing on here, to help me deal with quitting cigarettes, and everything else.

    I just took my last pill an hour ago, and I've got four cigarettes left to smoke. Then it's time for me to quit fucking around, and get serious with my own views, advice, and standards.

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  2. you can quit drugs

    but stay smokin man
  3. Good thread, thought it deserved a bump :)
  4. Once an addict, always an addict.

    But maybe... you can be addicted to life, man.

    I'm glad to see you are getting on with it. Kicking these habits will only uncover the positives that up until now, were possibly hidden.

    I wish you luck, brother. Stay off everything. It'd be cool if you could still smoke the herb, but it could lead to a relapse or something, so turn off the oven, let the turkey go cold. Slather it in the gravy of positivity and hope, and stuff it with the will to lead a new life. Don't eat the leftovers the next day.

    Damn, talking about turkey makes me want some.

    Anyways, best wishes to you, OP!
  5. i believe the concept of addiction is actually less worrisome than people make it out to be...

    do what makes you happy man..follow your path the way you choose, and dont let anyone define you, and your actions..
  6. I don't know. I'll always use weed, whenever I feel like it I"m sure. But I'm going to try to cut back on weed to only twice a week. Which should be easy, I haven't had any weed to smoke for two weeks now. No biggie to me when it comes to weed.

    Opiates is tougher, the quitting is easy, well the wd's suck. It's just when the temptation rolls around, and I have the opportunity to score some for cheap. But I'm not really worried about quitting the opies that much either. Should be easy enough. Even though the opies probably are the biggest problem at this point. I know quitting them is a ton easier than quitting the next thing.

    If I know myself, like I think I do. It's the fucking cigarettes, that I hate the most, but will be the hardest habit and addiction to kick, fuckin smokes man. and they dont' even do anything for ya. I really if anything, would like to be nicotine free. That shit has to be worse for you, than opiates and weed combined. Not saying weed is bad, when I finally buy a vaporizer, I'll cut out the nasty smoke shit with the weed anyway. But really, there's way more peole that kick the bucket from a tobacco related illness, than a opiate one.

    It's just some nasty shit, cigarettes that is, I don't want to do anymore. But it's one of those habits, so ingrained into daily life, it's so fucking hard to kick.
  7. Ah, fuck it. I'm stressing myself out too much. I'm gonna stick to smoking weed, whenever I feel the need to. Fuck opiates for good, no more opiates.

    And I'm going to invest in buying Vapor King, electronic cigarettes. I'll still be addicted to nicotine, but at least I'll save my health for the most part.

    thanx for the advice, guys.

  8. giving up nicotine, caffine, and opiates is noble, but there are plenty of drugs, like psychedelics, that will enrich your life with no physical issues.

    Just saying.

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