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Giving Rep?

Discussion in 'General' started by Chinchilla, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Sorry to come off like a douchy noob, but I obviously don't know how to properly give rep to other members. I've read the faq, but when I click on the green rep icon of another member, all that drops down is view profile, send message, find more posts by member, and add to contacts, nothing regarding reputation or filling out a form to give rep. So am I just clicking on the wrong icon? Just being an unobservant douche? Restricted from giving rep until I reach a certain amount of posts? Do I have to activate something in my profile before giving/recieving rep?

    It's not a big deal, I don't need to give rep to people. But I am a fan of some members' posts, particularly in the music thread, and would like to give them rep for it. If anyone could assist me I'd appreciate it.
  2. The scale icon

  3. ^^^
    that plus you need a certain amount yourself to make it count, but what really matters is that you give it. For you it will show up grey but otherwise it will be green or red. Leave a message. The blank ones are annoying tbh. You never know why they leave it. And don't do the rep meand I'll rep you thing. Rep someone when they deserve it
  4. you should probably not give rep to people until you have atleast 2 green bars and at least 500 posts.

    not sure if thats the minimum but thats probably close. otherwise it doesnt count and just leaves a purple box on the persons list and thats no fun to be teased like that.
  5. Give rep all you want

    It doesn't hurt anybody

  6. People need to have a light green bar and probably 500+ posts in order to be able to give rep (not sure about the posts, I'm just assuming :confused_2: )

    And I don't mind people giving me neutral rep. It shows that they either appreciated my post or appreciated the fact that I brought the lulz. Makes me feel special :p

    Unless it's neg rep >.> I've been fluctuating between "sought out for wisdom" and "respected by many" for the past few days because of TWO little neg reps that took off a million and a half points, approximately. *shakes fist*

    Ah well, back to bringing the lulz, yeah? But yeah don't worry about the purple neutral rep, OP. Soon enough your rep will count (though the thought is what should count ;) )

  7. :smoking:
  8. neg rep is always bad even if it doesn't count. I only got one that counted and a few negs that didn't. I got one recently and the kid said he did it because I hate people getting high lol
  9. I'm going to rep everybody in this thread! It's officially rep day! woohoo!
  10. Asked and answered.

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