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Giving number to a chick, cheesy?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by The Golden Spiral, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. So there's this girl I've been flirting strongly with. She's really hot and she's into it, but ometimes It may come out as just having fun at which gives me a weird mix signal vibe. Still, I'm going for it. Baby's gonna be mine.
    We've already talked about going to smoke and do something.

    She lent me a paper for me to catch up. I wrote Thanks (you) and my number. So when I give it back she'll eventually see it.

    You think it's cheesy? Cause even if I get her number I won't talk to her. Fuck texting and calling before anything. So I'll leave it to her. How do you gals feel about getting a dude's number? I mean, still when there's something.
  2. I think it's cute when a guy gives me his number :)

    It actually makes me want to text him first & seeing if he wants to hangout and suck on my 8 inch dick. ;)

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    No offense and nothing personal OP, but that's beta as fuck.

    That's basically saying "here's my number, call or text me if you want, the option is up to you"

    Be a man, erase that phone number and do it face to face. Be like "Thanks, you seem pretty cool, let's hang out sometime. What's your number?"

    Once you get that number, call her up (don't text) in a couple days and be like "Hey, let's do something" then fuck the shit out of her.

    Omega369 :wave:
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    lol i dont get it you want her to give u her number but then u were never gonna hit her up? if you've already tlked in RL i feel like it'd be natural to be texting, and surprised if you two already talked about hanging out and smoking she didn't give u her number to make plans. does she not have experience with guys, aka doesn't know she should give u her number first? if thats so jus ask her for her number like ur interested in hanging more. if she's into she'll be flattered.
    i mean really if ur both into each other it doesn't matter, the point is to get the communication open. once thats good, who gives a f who gave it first.
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    Beta move with the not asking for the number in person but she might think it's sweet

    Either way it won't change whether she wants the D or not
  6. Yeah guys I know what you mean. But I can play the game.
    I can ask her for her number and stuff but I know things only get messier with texting girls.
    Since my personality is strong face to face everytime we hang face to face I think it won't matter.

    We're already sure to hang out so I don't really want her number to set things up.
  7. I make it a rule to get a girls number the first time I meet her, and it is beta to give a girl your number. In my experience it works out a lot better if you tell her to give you her number.

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  8. Yeh, I agree it's pretty beta. Ended up leaving it for someone else to try.
  9. It's not beta if she finds you attractive, that's just the reality. I've had dudes pull that, "oh I think you dropped something," *gives me paper w/ phone number* and it doesn't really matter. Seems like she's into you so you can still do that.
  10. I prefer to get a guys number and not give out mine. That way if i dont like the guy that much or change my mind he doesnt have my number. I dont think thats cheesy at all. Kind of cute actually. Id rather have a guy do that then some stupid pick up line or hit on my in some weird or rude way, which seems to be 90% of the time. Good luck!

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