Giving it all up

Discussion in 'General' started by Ean, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Well i figured this would be the right forum to post this in. I was sitting here watching tv and talking to friends on aim and i guess i came to the conclusion that im going to give up everything, weed, cigs, and drinking. I dont know exactly why at the point but the idea has been shifting around in my head for the past few weeks. My 2week spring break finishes up on monday and for these past 2 weeks ive partied it up. Drank for 9 straight nights blazed everyday and i started smoking more cigarettes each day with all of the extra time on my hands.

    Its not like any of these things are messing with me socially(friends or family) or that ive ever gotten arrested for anything. I guess essentially im still alittle confused as to waht to do. the big problem when it comes to weed is that none of my friends ever smoke besides at parties and the only person i know that smokes not at parties is another GC member in my area.

    I still want to hang around the city cause i enjoy posting and reading everyones stories and maybe some of you all can help me come to a conclusion. Although it is my life id love some imput
  2. Take a break to really think about your decision.
  3. how bout just smoking a bowl before you go to bed or something.
  4. April Fools, right?
  5. April fools is over^^

    Thats a bummer man, you gotta try out the new bong before ya quit though :smoke:

    I say try a break your probally just burned out from 2 weeks of partying, I used to get like that when I partied too.

    Hit me up if you feel like doing anything im around :smoke:
  6. I've got a really good idea, oh shit i forgot it

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