Giving it a shot...

Discussion in 'General' started by Mushie, May 28, 2009.

  1. Well I have decided to give this another shot. My mood lately has been rapidly changing, which I am going to see someone about and hopefully get something to balance me out. Call it fate or w/e you want but I received a phone call from an old classmate from high school, and he had a bunch of puppies he needed to get rid of. I was going to go tomoro but I decided just to go tonight and I came back with the cutest little puppy you've ever seen. He is really playful, and full of energy. I decided on naming him woody.

    Well as soon as I see a docter about my mental health, me and woody are going to go on a road trip across America. I need this and I hope by the time I get back things will be better. I can only hope. Wish me luck.

    I will try and check in periodically throughout my trip with pics and updates. Thanks to everyone, and I can hopefully get my mind on track. I realize this is a quick, turn, however I think this may have to do with my mood swings which hopefully I can get balanced out. I will be leaving in a week or two.

    Here are some pics of woody:


  2. Good luck on your road trip!

    Really cute dog by the way! I love them when theyre small, although they tend not to be as fun when theyre big. You cant really pick them up or hide them in your sweaters anymore :p

    Nice puppy, good luck with your health!

    Have fun!
  3. that dog is so fucking cute
  4. great lookin dog, good job getting some help with your situation, thats really respectable.
  5. Take a lot of interesting shots of mother earth. You'll definitely be seeing some cool shit.

    Good luck.
  6. Really cute dog for sure...!

    Good luck on the trip too! Stay safe.
  7. That's good man, I'm happy for you. I hope you and Woody have a great trip!
  8. Anyone wanna see my Woody?

  9. Not really........
  10. I'm glad to see this post, I'm happy for you and I wish for you and woody to have a life changing experience. I know you will.
  11. Leaving next friday. First stop: Dallas, Texas.
  12. If you make your way to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, hit me up.
  13. Very cute dog. haha
  14. Just you and woody?? seems like it would be a fun trip, make sure to bring lotsa buds.

    Or, try and get diff. buds from around the states and tell us what state has the best deal;)
  15. Oh man! That is the cutest dog ever! What kind of dog is it?

    Have an awesome time on your road trip, dude. Fuck, I wanna go on a road trip. So do you have it all planned out or are you just gonna go where the road takes you? Man, that sounds primo either way, dude. Looking forward to the updates!
  16. yeah. Ive got an old buddy in dallas who has a connect so thats where im gonna re up on the supplies. Ill post pics if i can, cuz all I will have to get on GC with will be an iphone. If not ill post em when i get back.
  17. Lets stage a grasscity bus tour, MAKE THIS A GRASS COUNTRY!!!
  18. Ill figure out each destination on the way to my current one.

    and its just a mutt. hes still cool nonetheless.
  19. A good dog can go a long way... they're better than any medicine you can get in a pill.

    EDIT: what do you mean by "giving it another shot"?
  20. that dog is adorabbbbble!

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