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Giving away money to random strangers.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by DenialTwist, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Two weeks ago I was walking around a supermarket. It seemed that everyone around me was rude. Everyone just trying to get in front of somebody else, no eye contact, never a smile, let someone through and not even a thank you or a hint of an acknowledgement.

    The night before I had won about $400 playing poker so I decided that I would give $40 to the next genuinely nice person I met. They didn't have to be nice to me, they could be nice to someone else. Get up to give an old lady a seat kinda niceness. No one in that supermarket displayed those qualities. I was shocked.

    Well, today 2 weeks later that $40 found a home. I was approached by a woman canvassing for charity. That alone does not qualify for my $40. We had a nice chat but as I already give to that charity there was no point. I was standing on the side of the street having a coffee and a cigarette observing her work.

    When approached people would suddenly pull out their phones and pretend to be texting someone. Then this dude came up to me, wondering what the girl was doing. Canvassing for a homeless charity I said. He went on about how immigration is bad, how his taxes pay for it all (he didn't strike me as being in a high tax bracket). Full of logical fallacies, bad attitude and a bad energy. I didn't bite...there was no point.

    I then watched him go over to the girl and give her the same shit he gave me. Big man picking on a young woman. I observed from far, I would have jumped in if he started getting agitated but all I had to do is move him on with my intent.

    She kept smiling and was kind and polite to him so I went over, and gave her the $40. I wonder what butterfly effect comes from this.

    The universe reacts to your intent, so for the law of attraction to work you need to first show abundance and as a result abundance will come back.
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  2. This society is going to crumple sooner or later with the government.
    Lets just live life while we can.
    Be happy and positive within yourself.
  3. What do hookers count as?
  4. read my lessons blog post.
  5. Did you give her the $40 or the charity?
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  6. Nice. Wish i could rep you from my phone.
    One of my favorite things to do is when I use a gift card, if there is less than $10 on it after I make my purchase, I give it to the person in line behind me. Its funny. It is unexpected and people don't know how to react. One time a lady hugged me when I gave her like $2. That card would have sat in my wallet forever. Better to use it to brighten someone's day.
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  7. Did you give her the $40 or the charity?[​IMG]

  8. I gave her the money. She asked me if she should give it to charity, so I told her to give $10 to a guy busking on the street and to keep the rest for herself on the promise that she should do something that made her smile with it.

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