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Giving away an Oz.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by InnerCity, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Got a gift of a Oz. of some really nice stuff. However, I have no problem getting stuff and am about to go and give it away to a homeless person.

    What I'll be giving:

    -The Oz.
    -2 pipes.
    -$200 cash.

    I live in a very poor area and I know some people that'd kill for this. I'll report back when the deed is done.

    **For all intents and purposes this is fiction so go fuck yourselves DEA**
  2. give it to someone who needs it not a dope fiend.
  3. Break it up amongst people you know who need bud. Why give it all toa homeless person
  4. Make a scavenger hunt and make someone find it:smoke:
  5. But some in a geocache box in your area!
  6. Ill be your homeless person
  7. im extremely homeless right now.
  8. leave it in pockets of clothes at stores.
  9. You should give smaller amounts to more people. Like 1/8s or 1/4s
  10. #10 Smokey!, Mar 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2012
    The fuck is wrong with you?

    J/K thats cool and all but I wouldn't be giving away pipes or drugs to homeless people, even if it's just weed. I feel like the last thing someone on the street needs is something that'll possibly get them in a deeper hole or at least the munchies really bad. I'd probably just roll up some joints and get the 200$ in all 10s or 20s and just spread that shit around, you'll be like a local fuckin legend or some shit. No matter what you do, props on being a decent human being, those are pretty rare these days believe it or not.
  11. Wow someone giving away free weed. Did I die and go to heaven?
  12. Good for you man. People need to do more shit like this. Too much greed nowadays. I say toke it up with him. Nothing better than a toking buddy haha
  13. Yeah, I dont know if giving it to a random hobo is a great idea. You're better off just keeping and being crazy generous with it, with your friends. And what if the homeless guy doesn't smoke weed? He would think you are an asshole who thinks he takes drugs just because he's on the streets haha
  14. nice man. i gave away 4 cartons of cigs and 15 joints on christmas, keep sharing the love!
  15. i'd be skeptical if someone randomly gave me an ounce. but anyway good on ya son, i'd rather give it away to my close friends but thats just me
  16. A homeless person will sell that shit asap man not smoke it
  17. I gave away a nickel sack(half gram) to a bum last week he was on the freeway asking for a ride.
  18. It' your herb do what you want with it. Only problem is hell sell the once for a 1/4 of street value and buy crack. You'd be better of giving it to the dirtiest hippy you see!

    Regardless that is kind of you. Karma isn't always a bitch ya know.
  19. i wouldn't smoke any shit handed to me by a random stranger. That's crazy. & if the hobo gets busted, he's gonna point to you. plus he'll probably just sell it for some other drug.

    just smoke the weed yourself.

    And what happened? You posted that yesterday, no report back yet?

    o.p. prolly got busted, or the homeless guy got him high & has him chained up in a shack somewhere.
  20. I just realized it's not "for all intensive purposes." Mind blown.

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