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  1. My 'best friend' seems to just take take take from me. we've been friends for over a decade but I'm getting seriously fed up with it. she smokes my weed whenever she is round, never brings her own.. even asks me to give her some to take home for her and her bf to smoke! im a huge people pleaser and i just cant say no :/ but i am getting seriously fkd off with it especially as she never helps me out in return. i feel like cutting her off right now. what would be a better way to cut down her mooching without directly saying no when she's trying to blag stuff off me?
    If you truly value this friend, my advice to you would be. See what is going on in her life. Maybe something is wrong finically or spiritually in her life. If you do no find her reason valid. Abandon her. Give her a chance to validate herself.
    But do what you wish.
  3. Does she know how much you usually pick up/have on you? Next time she asks for some, just tell her you don't have enough for her and that you need to save some for yourself to smoke later on. I had 2 friends like that before who always smoked my stuff and when they did pick up, it was just a gram between the both of them while I always had eighths and quarters on me. I cut them out of my life though cause they always hit me up everyday asking me to go with them to the dispensary to pick up for them. I live in california too and they can easily get their own cards but their "reason" is because they are afraid it will show up on background checks? Also they wanted to pick up either everyday or every other day and it's always at most a gram, I didn't get why they couldn't just save their money for a week and pick up in larger quantities so we didn't have to go every day just to pick up a gram. Sorry for the long post just makes me pissed when I think of people like this lol. 
    Your situation is worse than mine cause your friend doesn't help you out at all so I'd say to either let her know that you don't have enough for both of you two or you can ask her to help you out whenever she can if you don't want to lose your friend.
  4. Quit entirely for a while.  When you start again, if she tries to start mooching again, tell her that if she wants any weed from you, she must contribute financially towards your purchase, or the party is over - for good.  Remember, this is your move.  She's not going to change without a push, and if she gets pissed off at you, then so be it.  Unless she gets her act together, you don't need friends like her.   
    Cut her cold turkey.
    Talk to her as a friend.
    If she's a true friend and an ADULT, she'll understand. 
  6. she is financially better off than me. i am v careful with my money because i need to be. she's a shopaholic, she will even order designer stuff on her phone right next to me while she's blazing my shit. it really takes the piss. i even gave her loads of it and she never smoked me up from it, or was that thankful.. just wanted to know how much more i had, i think she assumed im rolling in it cus ive helped her out so much but i feel now she's taking advantage of me. i grew a small amount to save money buying it and the stress of finding it hoping it'd last me all winter but she seems to think im the weed fairy and she can ask me for some whenever she sees me for free. ive been there for her through bad times, ive gone well out my way to help her. im really questioning now whether she would do the same for me. she's never helped me out with weed before when she's had some and i haven't. im starting to realise how self centred she is and how different we are.. i HATE asking people for things or relying on them.. she has no problem asking for anything she wants any time.
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    Be honest and direct.  No need to be sketchy about it.  You are not responsible for her high or her boyfriend's high.  That shit just pisses me off.  You're the only "good friend" in this relationship.  Let her know how you feel and if the friendship ends?  So be it.  If it takes that little to break up a friendship then it wasn't much of a friendship in the first place.  
    Take care of business and move on.  Life is too short for parasites. 
  8. ur all right... i should lay it down straight to her, but i cant.. im so fucking soft and afraid of conflict :( i know its not good because i can feel resentment growing inside and quite frankly i just want to avoid her at the mo!
    Tell your friend not me.
  10. What an unappreciative cunt.
    SHE IS!
    What the hell is this boyfriend of her's doing then?
  11. When I saw the thread title and the most recent poster I thought this thread was going somewhere totally different. But yeah Carne said it all.

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    Oh. My. God.  It took me a second but I figured out what you meant.  o_O
    There are no words....  lol
  13. the boyfriend himself will ask me as well if i ever go over to theirs.. 'mind giving us some smoke'... i find it too hard to say no when put on the spot like that. i guess he has the same mentality as her. i have smoked every day for the last 10 years so i know they know j always have it. thing is i love weed, its my sanctuary in life and i need it.. whereas friend will bang on about how she doesnt smoke it much cus it messes with her head & makes her unsociable.. but for some reasons still loves to blag it off me :-/
  14. I'm an asshole and straight up with anyone so this would never happen to me but my only advice is to be straight up. Say "Listen I value our friendship, but recently it's felt like you've just been using me for free highs. I'm sure if you want to get high you can do it without taking my free weed, so why not try it some time?

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    umm... tell me again why this friendship is important to you?  How is it going to cause conflict or hardship if you cut her off?  She has the money to get her own.  The fact you are being put on the spot is their fault not yours.  They should feel embarrassed by it.  Not you.  Girl.  Get a backbone or people are going to be walking all over you the rest of your life.  

    I like this.  I approve.  :p
  16. The reason they always keep asking you and know you will give them some to smoke is because you DO give it to them. She has her own job and you say she makes decent money tell her straight up to stop buying shit she doesn't need and to buy herself some of her own weed to smoke with her bf. Does her bf work also? That's really messed up if both of them have a job and they don't even have their own or help you out at all. Like other's have said if they are truly your friend, they will understand once you talk to them about it but if they get all pissed and get mad at you for talking to them about it, then forget them and they were never your friends in the first place and only using you to smoke. 
  17. yes he works as well, they both have well paid jobs. it really does take the piss doesn't it, the more i think about it. i wish i was more straight up like u guys, i dont think it makes u an asshole to be honest with people, i am the bigger asshole walking round with built up resentment. i am the sort of person who'd usually do anything for anyone but these greedy peeps r turning me bitter!
  18. That's messed up of them since both are working and have the money to buy their own weed. Your not an asshole for telling them that they are the assholes for mooching off of you especially since they are both working, just talk to your friend about it without her bf there and it should help a little. Trust me it's better to know now who your true friends are instead of keeping to supply them and finding out that they are only using you. Good luck. 
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    Are you a cuck or just beta, OP? Stop giving hand outs and be honest with yourself. They're taking you for a ride.
    Nevermind, I assumed you were a guy but now I get the impression you're a girl.
  20. yeah I'm a girl. dont know what a cuck is or beta.. maybe cus im english lol

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