Given up trying to find stoners.

Discussion in 'General' started by zephyrstaint, Apr 6, 2012.

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  2. That's rough bro, it will find you
  3. always go through girls. they will do all sorts of stuff to impress you, even if they don't smoke weed they will bring you to it. plus maybe yo could even find some action. nothing like a welcome bj...

    i mean it's not weed but hey, it's a step in the right direction. nj sounds cool though.
  4. I went almost TWO YEARS in the town I'm living in now thinking I was unable to find a single stoner, barely smoked at all in that time and when I did I had to pick up from miles away..

    Then I discovered a local pub with a really chill atmosphere where 90% of the clientèle toke, and you can even smoke up by the bar. Now I know more tokers than people who don't smoke.. It's all about looking in the right places ;)
  5. [quote name='"zephyrstaint"']Moved to Auckland, NZ for Uni a few weeks ago and I've given up trying to find any potheads. I wore the Marley shirts, put up weed posters in my room/ on my door, asked people. It's always - there are "heaps" around, but the person I'm talking to never is one. I dont want to seem sketch and ask to be introduced to some, so I've just given up. Sure do miss that shit.[/quote]

    Shit i don't even know what a heap is, look at the wy people hold cigs, 3 fingers on it they smoke weed, or lighter if there's black on te bottom
  6. ^ smart. this is EXACTLY 100% why a country boy can survive. who heard me on that?!
  7. [quote name='"shrivel"']
    ^ smart. this is EXACTLY 100% why a country boy can survive. who heard me on that?![/quote]

    Well obviously I hear you on that man, I am a country boy and as far as I know I'm surviving haha
  8. I plan on moving there sometime In my life so don't worry.
    Just look for the only Hispanic on the island
  9. Gona hang up the towel, eh?
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  12. LMAO... thats weird.. it must be how u look or smell or something because i swear 80% of new zealand smokes weed or is good mates with someone who smokes weed.. do u look like a undercover cop maybe?
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  14. a regular 18 year old?

    btw what the fuck does that look like? kids keep getting weirder and weirder looking by the year.

    on another note, i hope you find some budlet soon.

  15. Wtf, I don't even remember posting this comment:confused:
  16. there gotta be some people kicking a hacky sack around somewhere.
  17. there are some kids lighting off fireworks out of celebration a couple blocks away. this is a small ass town of only 2,000 people in conservative heartland america that look down upon marijuana, and i probably just found some stoners..
  18. I'm from auck, u need someone to sesh with or need bud?

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