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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Sl0wBurn, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Something I was just compelled for no reason to write, but I just kept writing. Not like its long or anything. But it is about Life, or living, or existing.

    Well here we are again right? Looking for something to excite our lives huh? What is it your looking for? Do You know, does anyone? Maybe you should start by searching for that question first. What is it we all want in life? Happiness, success, peace? Its different for each one of us, but ultimately we have the same goals. We want to be accepted, appreciated, and loved. Human needful emotion to contain stable and sound lives.

    Do you have that? Does that drug give it to you? What about when we were kids.... Why was is so simple. Not cuz we didnt have to pay, or do things. We still had that. Not as exponential compared to today but still the same concept. It is the bad things that followed us along the way. Why do we hang on? Live each day as that day, Today is today, not tomorrow, or yesterday... So why does anyone worry about the future or past. The things we have the least control over is our greatest concern... WHY? Do we think someone will make a mistake that we might have? Tell them, Speak your mind. Not your voice. Your Heart will be the strongest thing besides your mind that keeps you above all the bad.

    Your mind will keep u sane, and help u to accomplish everything u dreamed. You say its hard to quit. Stop bitching out and just do it. Excuses are for those who KNOW they are too weak to transpire to the greater things we expect of every human being. That is why there is evil. The one who think they can just accept what they are. Well NO ONE have the control but you. Even the all mighty tells us that. So seek him, but only his counsel. Your choice is yours. Do not blame, take it, be it. Be YOU.

    To the original idea of this.... I come back... Life. What is its purpose? What if there was none? Who said there is one? Your purpose, Given by the Creator, is to enjoy mortality. Enjoy being able to do something you might not if you were someone, or somewhere, else. Life is Living, and are you doing that? The question begs its answer. Of course I'm Living you say. But are you feeling. Life is more than being, its doing, its feeling, its being someone, something, to someone, to something FOR something or someone.
  2. well written, lots of questions but strong and dramatic. I felt like I was being yelled at lol.

    But I think the purpose of live is to just live in peace and harmony with everybody. At least to the best of our ability... is too short to waste thoughts on the past. But planning for the future is necessary..

    i mean, read my sig! :smoking:

  3. Yes, I think that there are plenty of people who know what they're looking for. The question is whether they are looking for the right thing. ex.,"Am I really going to feel satisfied with my life if I win the lottery?"

    No, I don't think it's different for each one of us. I think that there is more than one person on earth who looks for happiness, wealth, etc.

    I don't think that every human on earth has the same goals. For instance, I certainly don't care if I'm "accepted", and I don't even know if there is anyone out there who truly loves me, which I'm totally cool with.

    I don't understand this sentence. Are you trying to say that humans need emotions to contain stable and sound lives? Well, I don't see how you could come to that conclusion; Every human on earth has emotions, without a doubt. So how would we know whethere or not an emotionless human would have an unstable or sound life?

    Well... I really don't want to take like an hour answering all these questions... so... good luck!:D
  4. I like most of it except for the part were you say our purpose is to enjoy mortality. In a way you are correct but i dont think we were ment to be Mortal, and immortality lies in everyones heart. :)

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