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Give your doobie a shower.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PKdaTerrible, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. I know this sounds like the complete opposite of whT most people think about rolling a j, but this is my personal trick to rolling a pearl every time ( if IM rolling, it's a fatass junt):
    Roll up your doob
    Seal it straight with the gum and cap it
    THEN, in the same direction as the gum, lick the j until it is drenched in saliva
    Toast it evenly until you can feel the paper is crisp yet soft
    Light it evenly.
    Bada bing bada boom
  2. Ngl, that's gross af.

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  3. Not really that gross

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  4. What's the point though? If you're just going to dry it out again then couldn't you just not get the joint all grossed up? I mean, it's not like that helps it stick either. 
  5. It really helps if you're using some shitty paper like Tops or those awful Juicy papes. You can roll the most perfect joint and fuck it all up on the spark. Mine never fuck up when I lick em up

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  6. Crumpling up the paper and un-crumpling it will soften it up, making for fewer air pockets and thus less uneven burning. Getting a joint wet has a similar effect of "shrink-wrapping" the paper, tightening it up for a smoother burn.
  7. What you said man

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